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St. Louis Tech for Schools Summit 2014 Recap
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Jaime Casap
Keynote Speaker
Jaime Casap
Global Education Evangelist
Google, Inc.
Henry Hipps
Keynote Speaker
Henry Hipps
Senior Program Officer
Next Generation Learning Team
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Participating Companies
38 companies were selected by a team of local educator judges to participate in St. Louis Tech for Schools Summit 2014.
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Actively Learn
Integrates media, common core aligned questions, tools to scaffold and assess reading
Helps teachers, schools and libraries assign appropriate books based on student's reading level, standards, topics, etc.
Animated movies, learning games, quizzes and interactive activities covering K-8 and ESL curriculum
Instructional game authoring tool and library for all subjects
Tool for tracking interactions, progress, and lesson ideas for individual learners
Code Red Education Coding Curriculum
Offers complete coding curriculum for K-12 students
Manages reading assignments, allowing teachers to integrate media & quizzes into ebooks
Data management tools to break down student data and inform instruction
District Click
Handles digital permission slips and payment collection for teachers
Interactive whiteboard and screencast recording app for iPads allows hand drawn graphics
Online video coaching for teacher observation & feedback using collaborative commenting tools
Assessment creation tool that enables teachers to assign, track and share CCSS-aligned quizzes with Smarter Balanced and PARCC style questions
Activities and games that teachers use during breaks to promote focus through physical activity
Classroom documentation tool that communicates student's activity and progress to their parents
Learning Ovations
Provides personalized reading and writing lesson and instruction recommendations for teachers based on student assessments
Literacy tool providing standards aligned texts, assessments and data dashboard
Series of math activities and games on the browser and iPad that map to popular textbooks and CCSS
Motion Math
Conceptual learning games & dashboard for K-6 math
myBlee Math
iPad app that offers an individualized math learning tool with lessons and exercises students can complete at their own pace
Nepris Industry Connections
Connect teachers and classrooms with subject-relevant STEM professionals
Standards aligned curriculum, projects, lessons and worksheets for teachers for ELA, Social Studies, Math and Science
Otus Student Performance Platform
Combination K-12 LMS, data warehouse & classroom Management tools
Pear Deck
Communication platform that lets teachers create interactive assessments and presentations that students can follow along on their devices
Pixel Press Floors
Video game creation tool that allows users to create mobile games by drawing
Browser add-on that measures reading activity
CCSS aligned role-playing math game for grades 1-8.
Pup's Quest for Phonics
iPad literacy app that teaches one sound at a time.
Real Solutions
On-demand training for school personnel on bullying and mental health
Writing workspace for student authored multimedia content & teacher progress reporting tool
Share My Lesson
Free classroom resource library that lets teachers create and share lesson plans, strategies. etc.
Manage classroom observations, instructional coaching and formative feedback
CCSS aligned lessons focused on teaching close reading and argumentative writing across multiple subjects for grades 4 - 12
Tool for interactively teaching programming (eg Python)
World Wide Technology
Services firm specializing in technology integration
Zulama Entertainment Technology Academy
Programming, art and design curriculum with a focus on games and project-based learning
Data management tool to help teachers track students' academic/ behavioral performance
Redbird Advanced Learning
Adaptive K-12 digital curriculum, blended learning services and professional development
Centralize, visualize, explore and act on school data from multiple sources
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