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Rhode Island Tech for Schools Summit 2013 Recap
These summits may be over, but the learning, reflections and relationships continue! Find the events recaps below or jump over to one of our Upcoming Summits.
Participating Companies
22 companies were selected by a team of local educator judges to participate in Rhode Island Tech for Schools Summit 2013.
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30hands Mobile
Storytelling app that allows students and teachers to create stories or presentations based on photos.
Countdown For Teachers
Create online Common Core curriculum maps that can be updated in real-time and shared across the district.
Manages reading assignments, allowing teachers to integrate media & quizzes into ebooks
Classroom and feedback system that works on any wifi-enabled smartphone or tablet
Suite of PD, assessment and literary content tools
Government In Action
Online multiplayer game for high school and college students in which they role play as a member of congress to learn about government.
Teacher created LMS with behavior, attendance and standards based gradebook for K-12
Automated online math tutoring and analytics tool for K-12 students
Motion Math
Conceptual learning games & dashboard for K-6 math
Lets students create and share stop-motion animation with their iPad.
News stories written to multiple levels of complexity with embedded assessments
OpenSchool ePortfolio
Assessment and assignment creation tool that develops ongoing student ePortfolios.
Playful Learning
Educational games in various subjects, promoting problem solving and critical thinking
Browser add-on that measures reading activity
PREPWORKS E-Learning Systems
Online standardized test prep tool that provides instructional content and assessment.
Online exercises that allow students to learn English grammar by writing sentences and proofreading passages.
Cloud-based teacher work environment that combines planning, assessment, and curriculum standards.
Taught It
Online professional network for teachers to share ideas and resources with other teachers.
The Answer Pad
Multi-platform BYOD student dialogue system that focuses on real-time assessments.
The EdMod App
A research tool that provides teachers with classroom strategies to differentiate for students with diverse needs.
Three Ring
Allows teachers to take pictures of student work with a mobile phone and keep it organized online
Math assignment creation/assessment tool customizes questions for students' interests
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