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Yik Yak Cuts Staff by 60%
YAKETY YAK (LOOK WHO’S CUTTING BACK): Yik Yak, the anonymous messaging app that’s synonymous with headaches for many a college leader, has laid of 60 percent of its employees, The Verge reports.
Online Learning Consortium Releases New Scorecards to Evaluate Digital Classes
NEW HIGH SCORE: More than 400 universities have used the Online Learning Consortium’s Quality Scorecard Suite to evaluate their online and blended learning programs. Now users have access to three new scorecards released by OLC. They include ways to evaluate the overall digital classroom experience and the first course-level scorecard, which OLC created in partnership with Open SUNY...
#DLNchat: How might we scale evidence-based practices and pedagogies in digital learning?
It’s one thing to pilot a creative solution in one class, with one professor, on one campus. It’s quite another to try to scale it for tens of thousands, or even millions of students.
Chinese Education Company Accused of Fraud Cozies Up to Top Universities
THE PERFECT SCORE 2.0: Helping international students get into U.S. universities is a big—and sometimes shady—business. New Oriental, China’s largest provider of private education services, has been accused of multiple kinds of application fraud, according to an investigation by Reuters...