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Tennessee Tech for Schools Summit 2014 Recap
These summits may be over, but the learning, reflections and relationships continue! Find the events recaps below or jump over to one of our Upcoming Summit.
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Keynote Speaker
Chris Barbic
Superintendent of the Achievement School District
Participating Companies
31 companies were selected by a team of local educator judges to participate in Tennessee Tech for Schools Summit 2014.
Small thumb actively learn sqaure 1428743159 1428751159
Integrates media, common core aligned questions, tools to scaffold and assess reading
Small thumb books that grow 1428743867 1428751767
Digital reading platform that adapts fiction and non-fiction texts to match students' reading levels
Small thumb choosito 1428743895 1428751808
Optimized internet search tool that curates content based on subject and quality and matches it to students' reading levels
Small thumb citelighter2 1428742983 1428751005
Helps teachers streamline CCSS-aligned writing assignments, grading and measuring student performance
Small thumb classdojo 1423794829 1428742622 1428750722
Connects teachers, parents and students to improve student behavior and build character strengths
Small thumb classwallet 1428743890 1428751803
A tool designed to make it easier for teachers to raise, manage, track and spend money for the classroom
Small thumb commoncurriculum 1428743162 1428751162
Tool for lesson and unit plan creation, collaboration and sharing created by teachers
Small thumb regular conceptuamath 1428743576 1428751537
Curriculum for Grades 3-5 math that includes multiple visual models, daily discussion, and assessments.
Small thumb curriculet icon 1426744675 1428743333 1428751300
Manages reading assignments, allowing teachers to integrate media & quizzes into ebooks
Small thumb extik 1428743429 1428751411
Classroom and feedback system that works on any wifi-enabled smartphone or tablet
Small thumb fantasy geopolitics 1428743873 1428751781
Social studies game in which students draft countries and earn points as they track current events
Small thumb freshgrade 1428743889 1428751802
Assessment platform that helps students visualize their current level of understanding and progression through material
Small thumb gonoodle 1428743887 1428751801
Activities and games that teachers use during breaks to promote focus through physical activity
Small thumb kickboard 1428742492 1428750625
Data management tool to help teachers track students' academic/ behavioral performance
Small thumb lb1 1428743555 1428751515
Automated online math tutoring and analytics tool for 5th-9th grade students
Small thumb learnzillion square 1428742574 1428750684
Common Core digital curriculum and professional development platform for grades 2-12
Small thumb lessoncast 1428743554 1428751513
Web-based software to connect professional learning and classroom practice through teacher-created digital resources
Small thumb liveschool2 1428743339 1428751309
Classroom and behavior management app with features to reward students with incentives
Small thumb planboard 1428743658 1428751615
Curriculum planning tool that allows teachers to map plans to standards and collaborate with other teachers
Small thumb ponder square 100x100 1428743546 1428751506
Browser add-on that measures reading activity and promotes understanding and sharing across any subject
Small thumb qlovi 1428743630 1428751587
Tool that provides teachers with a series of eBooks, standards linked activities, and learning data to promote student literacy
Small thumb scholar 1428742975 1428750997
Writing workspace for student authored multimedia content & teacher progress reporting tool
Small thumb schoolrunner 1428743892 1428751805
Data management tool that tracks attendance, behavior, grades, mastery, etc. all in one place for teachers and admins to access
Small thumb schoolzilla 1428742616 1428750718
Visualize, explore and share school data to increase student engagement and achievement
Small thumb scrible s student edition logo  edsurge summit baltimore 1440452580
Save webpages, annotate, share research with peers with added student edition features
Small thumb 174b9dpa9pg2vhmgalky 400x400 1440624755
Free classroom resource library that lets teachers create and share lesson plans, strategies. etc.
Small thumb smartercookie 1428743064 1428751078
Lets teachers upload classroom videos & receive timestamped feedback from coaches & peers
Small thumb snapwiz 1428743894 1428751807
Formative assessment creation and assignment tool based on the CCSS
Small thumb tales2go 1428742875 1428750926
Mobile audiobook app delivering on-demand access to thousands of titles from leading publishers and storytellers.
Small thumb f6a63cc6f066c2144b61e286538096f9 400x400 1429940181
Interface for managing classroom observations and teacher performance evaluations
Small thumb tower 1428743891 1428751804
Data platform that delivers info relevant to evaluations to teachers in real time in order to make to quick, well-informed decisions
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