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Teachley: Operations

Teachley: Operations

by Teachley

GRADES / Pre-K, Elementary (Grades K-4)
PRICING PLANS / License, One Time Purchase
PLATFORMS / iPad App, Web Browser, iPad

Teachley creates apps based on cognitive science research. We capture meaningful data for teachers about what to teach next.


Teachley presents students with interactive iPad games and animations that help achieve math fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The games, Addimal Adventure, Subtractimals, Mt. Multiplis, and Fact Flyer, teach students concepts and strategies for understanding Common Core-aligned math content.


Teachers begin using Teachley by creating a profile for their class. Within the class profile, teachers then create profiles for each individual student on individual or shared iPads. From their individual student account, students can then begin to play the four games as they are assigned by the teacher.

Students have four game options to chose from once in their profile. Addimal Adventure focuses on addition fluency, while Subtractimals engages students in content about subtraction. Mt. Multiplis focuses on multiplication, and Fact Flyer presents information about division and the relationship between multiplication and division operations.

Addimal Adventure operates in a series of rounds. In the tool round of the game, students watch model demonstrations of addition strategies. They are asked to answer addition questions which they can answer by using the strategies. After learning the strategies, students enter the speed round in which they answer the same questions from the tools round at a timed pace. Reminders appear in the speed round to remind students of the strategies they just learned. Students then progress to a round without strategy reminders. They try and get as many right per round as they can. Subtractimals works the same way, with subtraction strategies and problems.

Mt. Multiplis follows the Linka character from addimals. Linka is stranded on a desert island, trying to reassemble her broken plane from the crags. To get pieces of her plane back from the evil crags, Linka needs to build bridges to cross the water. Students must answer multiplication questions to build these bridges. For correct answers, students receive coins and gems that they must spend in order to build the bridges, satisfy the crags, and move on to the next level. Levels increase in complexity. Students complete the game when all pieces of Linka’s plane have been collected.

The Operations license allows teachers to customize app accessibility for each student and tracks individual student performance and progress on all four games. Diagnostic reports and student scores are then sent to the teacher dashboard for teacher assessment.


Individual purchases of Teachley cost $2.99. Inquiries about pricing options for school wide licenses can be made by contacting Teachley.


Over 500,000 teachers and students are using Teachley.  


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Teachley: Operations subscription - Teachley: Operations includes personalized, research-based math apps for students + actionable reporting and intervention support for teachers. The subscription includes four iPad apps for students with onboarding support, getting started webinar, and reporting dashboard for teachers.
Can be purchased by School Leader or District Administrator.

One Time Purchase

Apps only - Schools can purchase Addimal Adventure, Subtractimals, Mt. Multiplis and Fact Flyer via the App Store and get access to gameplay (no data).
Can be purchased by Teacher, School Leader, District Administrator, or Parent.


This product is accessible via a web browser.
This product is available as a native application on the following devices:
iPad App
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