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EAB’s Student Success Collaborative is designed to provide predictive insights, relationship management and business intelligence for institutional stakeholders, and mobile-first, personalized pathways for students.

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EAB terms research, technology and consultation the three pillars on which they support student success. The company’s Student Success Collaborative is designed to provide predictive insights, relationship management and business intelligence for institutional stakeholders, and mobile-first, personalized pathways for students. Advisors can view a student’s profile and connections to faculty and staff; success trackers that map which courses the student has to complete by a certain time to graduate; and activity trackers that show all activity for the student across time, including any early alerts or notes from faculty and staff. Advisors can take direct actions such as contacting the student, scheduling an appointment for the student with another department or opening a support ticket with another department so that the student completes transactional tasks. A predictive analytics model based on transcript and background information data generates a risk score for whether the student will graduate. Advisors can use this information to assess where a student is struggling and explore majors where the student might excel. Faculty have a lightweight version of the student profile, viewing only those students enrolled in their courses, but are able to flag students who exhibit behaviors that might lead them off track. Administrators can view dashboards that show the current health of all students on measures such as GPA, credit completion, and major, and how these measures have tracked over time.

On the mobile app, student information automatically is pulled in from the campus SIS to create a foundation for individual profiles. Students complete their profile by answering a few questions, such as whether they are first-generation college students and whether they commute, which gives the institution more insight into generating their personalized path. The app proactively nudges the student to complete particular administrative tasks based on how they filled out their profile. Nudges may include a poll as an additional means of surveying students. Students have the ability to explore changes to their major, including impact on time to graduation and future career pathways, and schedule an appointment with their advisor to discuss their options.

Features for Student Success:

  • Flags at-risk students
  • Predictive analytics model
  • Relationship management capability
  • Business intelligence analytics
  • Student-facing mobile app
  • API-based integrations


  • Time to go Live: Implementation usually takes 6-9 months and includes technical and consultative support.
  • End-User Training: Each institution works with a dedicated consultant to discuss organizational readiness, student success strategy, data-driven decision making, process optimization, communication and marketing rollout, and end-user training strategy. 

Tool Type
  • Connections
  • Planning & Mastery
  • Early Alert
  • Predictive Analytics
LMS Integrations
  • Canvas
SIS Integrations
  • Banner
  • Colleague
  • Oracle Peoplesoft
  • Power Campus
Interested Departments
  • Academic Affairs
  • Advising / Counseling
  • Student Affairs / Student Services
Pricing Data
  • One-time and annual fee
  • one-time implementation fee based on full-time student enrollment and sophistication of data integration // Annual subscription fee based on full-time student enrollment

Who is using it?

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