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ST Math

by MIND Research Institute

GRADES / Pre-K, Elementary (Grades K-4), Middle School (Grades 5-8), High School (Grades 9-12)
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Visual, adaptive math program based on neuroscience research from UC Irvine for grades K-7


ST (spatial-temporal) math offers neuroscience-based mathematics instruction with visual animations and game-based learning for Pre K-12 students. Students initially complete animated math puzzles and games without language and mathematical symbols. The product can be purchased by schools, districts and homeschool students.


ST Math Overview

ST Math, developed by MIND Research Institute, offers computer-based math instruction for grades K-6 with the following optional add-ons:


  • Kindergarten
  • Middle School
  • High School (Remedial Intervention only)

Supplemental Instruction

  • Music
  • Fluency (math facts)

In 2015, MIND Research Institute began offering a limited-release homeschool edition with instruction for grades K-8.

ST Math complements traditional classroom instruction and also has Response-to-Intervention RTI features. The program is aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the following state standards:

A key emphasis in the program is spatial-temporal reasoning, which refers to the brain’s ability to hold visual representations of a challenge and develop those representations over time. As a result of the spatial-temporal focus, ST Math emphasizes visual and kinesthetic skills and real-world applications. All feedback in the game is visual, students are shown rather than told why an answer is wrong. For example, One game asks students to drag and drop 4 weights in order from lightest to heaviest, students are provided with a real-world tool (scale) to help them determine the placement of weights

Overall, the program involves a problem-solving approach designed to develop intrinsic motivation and greater persistence in solving problems. ST Math can be used with Web browsers, i-devices, select Android tablets, Kindles and Chromebooks and can be accessed on school and personal devices.

ST Math for Students

Students create a 16-character login built with a sequence of images to access the program. ST math begins with a pre-test to determine a baseline math level and the program presents a custom sequence of activities based on the student’s grade level. JiJi, ST Math’s penguin mascot, guides students through the program. She presents students with new challenges with the end goal being to create a pathway for JiJi to glide across the screen.

At the elementary levels, all aspects of the game are visual without verbal or written instructions. If a student gets stuck, they can click on a question mark at the bottom of the screen which provides a visual demonstration of what to do. Polygons of different sizes and shapes indicate level progression, with shorter and smaller shapes indicating lower levels. Levels and lessons to be completed are gray and turn green when complete. Each lesson has progress bars and indicates the number of “lives” JiJi has left with tiny penguin silhouettes.

ST Math recommends that students use the program 90 minutes each week, divided into two 45-minute sessions. Students complete about 50 challenges per session and 4,000 puzzles per grade. At the end of the program, students take a post test.

ST Math for Teachers

Teachers have both individual and classroom tools to shape their student’s use of ST Math. Teachers can modify the student’s sequence of activities according to their lesson plan. They can also use the game as a tool for whole classroom instruction in Teacher Mode. In this format, students can work through the game and discuss problem-solving strategies in small groups.

MIND Research Institute places an emphasis on professional development and schools and districts that purchase the product will begin with a day of implementation support. Educational consultants and additional in-person and online packages are available to support teachers. While students can work on ST Math independently, teachers are expected to be present and help students as they work through the program in case they get stuck.

ST Math produces daily and weekly student reports that can be viewed at the individual, class or school level. Reports show progress towards mastering individual math standards, RTI growth, the number of times that a student has attempted a lesson and flags at-risk students for teacher follow-up. Data for the program can be exported for further analysis. While ST Math does collect data over time, it does not show progress on a specific day or week, rather data is presented cumulatively.


ST Math is available for purchase for schools, districts and homeschool students.

The cost of ST Math for schools varies, but schools must purchase a minimum number of licenses, equivalent to about four classrooms.Schools can request a quote online.

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Lillie, @MsHcomunidad
2nd grade Spanish/English teacher, KIPP Austin Public Schools, Texas

The problem we were trying to solve is assuring that our students had an understanding of conceptual math at their specific grade level.

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Homeschool - Your one-year subscription gives you access to all ST Math grade levels. A one-year subscription to ST Math Homeschool costs $199.99 for one child. For two or more children in the family, you can take advantage of the lower price of $149.99 per child. This price also includes access to training for parents, including webinars, articles, self-guided courses as well as a built-in reporting system to help them monitor learning and quickly identify a child’s specific instructional needs.
Can be purchased by Parent.


General pricing
Can be purchased by School Leader or District Administrator. - We sell in-app upgrades and/or content (one-time)


This product is accessible via a web browser.
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