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Smart Sparrow

Smart Sparrow

A course-building platform for adaptive courseware with virtual labs, simulations, and analytics

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Smart Sparrow is a course-building platform for adaptive courseware. The courseware includes student and course analytics and allows for the integration of virtual labs and simulations. Smart Sparrow’s adaptive capabilities do not use pre-defined algorithms; rather, instructors can create the adaptive rules themselves that are used to show content and type of feedback to students based on variables such as time on page or number of question attempts. In addition, Smart Sparrow offers pre-made science courses and curriculum design services.

Smart Sparrow’s adaptive rules are based on factors such as learner confidence and self-assessment, time to complete learning exercises, performance on questions, learning style preference and mastery of prior learning objectives. Instructors can add content from outside the courseware, override the grading scale and change rules that drive adaptivity.

Courseware Features
  • Course Builder
  • Course Complete
  • Supplemental
Integration LMS
  • Blackboard
  • Canvas
  • Brightspace by D2L
  • Moodle
  • Discipline Agnostic
  • In-Person Faculty Training
  • Instructional Design / Course Development Services
  • Online or Phone Faculty Support
  • Online or Phone Student Support
  • Technology / Platform Integration Services

Who is using it?

University of Chicago
Arizona State University
Columbia University
St. Petersburg College
Valparaiso University
New York Institute of Technology
University of New South Wales


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