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In Summit Reflections, educators review tools that they have seen at an EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit. Summit Reflections can only be completed onsite at the event; reviewers are incentivized to leave reviews.
Jesse, Desktop Administrator. School Type: Middle School, High School, College Prep School
Feb 22, 2014

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: As a teacher having local control over my class would be great. Having a school webfilter is not as robust and makes it harder for teachers of certain topics to use websites and other stuff for their lectures. Being able to monitor my classroom to see what each student is doing in real time would be very useful for classroom management.

Strengths: Classroom specific control.

Monitoring what students are doing in class for management.

Limiting what each student can or cannot see.

Offsite filtering for take home devices

Suggestions for Improvement: Having IT control for what teachers can and cannot unblock.

Verdict: having more control at the classroom level would be ideal versus having all control at the school level.

Teacher, School Type: High School
Feb 22, 2014

full starfull starfull starno starno star Neutral

Usage: I would use it to monitor which websites are accessible for my own and my students' computers in the classroom.

Strengths: Able to be customized to specific lessons' needs

able to see what students are doing

Suggestions for Improvement: Doesn't apply my school system has already applied a filter system

Verdict: Recommend - able to be customized more than standard systems and teachers are able to cater filters to their particular classroom needs (allow sites for educational purposes if the need arises)

However, I am not at the position to override the current filter in my schools system, Lightspeed.

Julie, Teacher. School Type: Middle School, Low Income Population
Feb 22, 2014

full starno starno starno starno star Wouldn't Advocate

Usage: I wouldn't use it. If I really need to access something from school I can use my phone as a hot spot.

Strengths: Allows greater ease of access to websites.

Suggestions for Improvement: 1. The fact that sites are broken down into a white list (for accessible sites) and a black list (for inaccessible sites) is offensive. As a white teacher, who only teaches black children, I would never use a product labeled in this way. Wouldn't green and red be more appropriate?

2. If a school district used this it would be helpful, individual teachers don't want to manage another system.

Verdict: It doesn't actually address a pressing need.

Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.


Suggestions for Improvement:


Jerry, Sub, Formerly Hs English And Social Studies Teacher For 39 Years
Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: Unblock blocked sites; block unblocked sites

Strengths: This is a good product to deal with the excesses of District wide blocking which frequently interferes with student research projects. Examples of subjects that my students had trouble researching included Nazis, gun control, and cancer support groups (breast cancer blocked). Assuming it can managed in a classroom computer, that would be useful - a lab setting, even more useful.

Suggestions for Improvement: Actually I need to know more about how it interacts with existing login and lab organization factors. I think that the technical issues of how to use it on a single computer, in a lab, or for a whole school need to be addressed.

Verdict: I would recommend it on a whole school basis. Assuming the $1500 were available at a school with 500 computers, it would probably work most easily if teachers had the right to make this adjustment at that level given the fact that most subject area teachers don't have their own labs. On a more limited basis, it could be implemented in a library lab or media center.

Sho, Virtual Vikings
Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: Keep student on track

Strengths: It lets student to ask teacher to access to the web site and teacher can approve it without asking IT admin staff.

Suggestions for Improvement: Should include printer control system.( because my school uses it...) In addition, I prefer to put list of students who requested and when did they requested.

Verdict: My school need to change our computer control system to make it simpler but stronger.

Robert, Stem Coordinator
Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: I would use this to support our teachers in accessing sites that we may not want students to visit.

Strengths: It allows an IT dept to easily block and unblock sites for specific users and groups.

Suggestions for Improvement: I would make it cheaper for schools.

Verdict: Way more tools and capabilities than OpenDNS.

Danielle, Teacher
Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: I would use this at my site once we are able to go 1:1 and students take their devices home.

Strengths: You can keep filters at home. AMAZING! This is an incredible feature.

Suggestions for Improvement: Keeping costs down.

Verdict: I think keeping students accountable for web behavior at home is a universal need.

Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: chromebook monitoring

Strengths: flexiblity - easy to use and understand. Outstanding customer service!!

Suggestions for Improvement: it's good stuff

Verdict: The support is phenomenal

Jalal, Teacher. School Type: High School, College Prep School
Feb 22, 2014

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: To make sure that students are using the proper websites.

Strengths: The variety of filters on the different websites.

Suggestions for Improvement: 1. make it so schools or districts can purchase it easily and they understand the benefits

2. provide schools with free training

3. Allow teachers to purchase if the school won't

Verdict: Allows students to research more effectively

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