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scrible Edu

by Scrible

GRADES / High School (Grades 9-12), Higher Education, Middle School (Grades 5-8)
PRICING PLANS / License, Free
PLATFORMS / Web Browser

Save webpages, annotate, share research with peers with added student edition features


Scrible is a browser plug-in for saving, commenting on, and annotating articles found on the web. Students use Scrible to take notes on online articles right from the webpage, create citations, save bibliographies, and integrate their work to Google Docs. Teachers organize students by groups, curate a classroom library of student annotations, and sync with Google Classroom. Scrible offers a free basic version and a paid premium version.


Students begin using Scrible by creating an account or signing in using a classroom code provided by their teacher. Once they have an account, they download the Scrible browser plug in and search the web for articles about any topic of interest. The Scrible toolbar will appear as they read. Students can select the ‘Citation’ icon from the toolbar, and Scrible will generate a citation in the student's’ desired citation format-- MLA, APA, etc. All student annotations will automatically save to their ‘My Library’ dashboard on their Scrible account. Students also create bibliographies by logging in online to their account and going to their ‘My Library’ dashboard. Here, articles they have added, read, or been assigned to read by the teacher will appear. Students select which readings they wish to be on their bibliography and then select the ‘Create Bibliography’ button. Students an integrate their annotations, citations, and bibliographies into Google Docs. Within Google Docs, a Scrible dashboard will appear next to the working documents. Students can type in search words or browse their library for annotations, and select to import them right into their Google Doc.

Teachers begin using Scrible by logging in and creating an account. Once logged in, they enter in all student information and organize it by classes or input class and section information from Google Classroom. For each class, teachers receive a class code which they distribute to students via email. Student work from that class gets added to the ‘Class Library’ dashboard, where all enrolled students can view others’ articles and annotations. If upgraded to the premium addition, teachers can create, assign, and view research projects for students. In this version, they also have access to Scrible- generated graphics that report student progress.


A basic version is available for students for free. A premium version for elementary and high school students costs $10.00 per year. The premium version for college and graduate school students costs $28.00 per year. Entire school subscriptions costs $1,000 per year.


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School Type: High School, High ELL Population, Low Income Population

1) Allow some of the features to be disabled (share on Facebook/Twitter). This would cut down on students accessing or trying to go to those places during the school day. 2) Allowing teachers to create an Annotation key that students have to use when learning how to do annotate something. 3) Have...

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scrible Edu Pro - Teachers will have access to our assignment capabilities, which allow them to create novel research project and paper assignments. Teachers can set novel goals (e.g. number of sources to collect or site, number of words in a paper, etc.). We'll also be adding additional assignment types, including annotated bibliographies and annotation and close-reading exercises. These new assignment types will have their own novel types of trackable goals. Also, teachers, school leaders (e.g. principals) and district administrators will have access to a variety of class-level and student-level analytics that provide visibility into students' research/writing behavior, allowing teachers, school leaders (e.g. principals) and district administrators to see which students are struggling and where in the process they're stuck. This enables focus on students who need the most help and supports personalized learning.
Can be purchased by Teacher, School Leader, District Administrator, or Student.


scrible Edu (Free) - scrible Edu (Free) is a FREE upgrade for students and teachers. scrible Edu (Free) offers students the most advanced online research platform to modernize how they read/research online info and bring it into the writing process. It enables them to annotate online articles in the browser and save/organize them in personal online Libraries. Students can automagically capture citations and create bibliographies in 1 click and use annotations and citations to write papers. Using our new Google Drive integration and Google Docs Add-on, students can easily bring their research into any Google Doc as they're writing their paper. They can search their scrible Libraries for annotations (e.g. notes & highlights) directly from within the Google Docs interface and view them alongside their Google Doc. They can easily insert those annotations into the Doc along with corresponding inline citations. Their citations and bibliography are automagically managed, compiled and inserted into the Doc. scrible works with all major browsers. It’s perfect for Chromebooks and supports sign-on (SSO) authentication with Google Apps for Education (GAFE). Teachers get access to our new class structure capabilities that make scrible easier and more powerful to use with students for research/writing assignments. Each class also automatically gets a Class Library, which teachers and students can use to share curated articles for research sources, close reading exercises and class discussions. Teachers can also sync their classes, sections and students with Google Classroom thanks to our new Google Classroom Sync.
Can be purchased by Teacher, School Leader, District Administrator, or Student.


This product is accessible via a web browser -- Optimized for mobile browsers




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