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Mark, @mkostur
Technology SUpervisor, Amherst Exemped Village Schools, Ohio
1:1 devices and Special education students

ESL students Struggling with language barrier. Not much time during class to provide individual help.

Product Use: Giving students an iPad with 24/7 accessible to Rosetta Stone.
Students could help them selves at their own pace.

What Worked and What Didn't: Student like this resource and found it easy to use in their native language.

Age Group: N/A (I am an administrator)

Oct 25, 2017 Provide Feedback
Language Lab Teacher, Scotland County R-1 Junior Senior High School, Missouri
Blended learning classroom and Low income population

The school district wanted to be able to offer more than one language. There has also been a large amount of turnover with our language teachers in the past.

Product Use: We have six class periods each day for Rosetta Stone Languages. We offer Spanish, French and German. The students enter the classroom and are directed by an instructor and a listing on the Smartboard for the days activities. These include the percentage goal for their progress for the week and reminders for required amount of Rosetta game time. Some days there are outside assignments like language help posters, worksheets, and group exercises.

What Worked and What Didn't: This is my first year with Rosetta. At the beginning I did not have requirements of percentages of each section before the student could move on to the next. Several of the students were flying through the program as fast as they could and were not really learning the language. After meeting with my representative, she suggested having them reach 100% on each section before moving to the next. It was an adjustment at first but, now I see a huge difference in the speed they are going and the retention of the information. In the past worksheets were not used. I have been using them as a review tool and it also seems to be working well. The students are also allowed to work in groups with the flashcards from Rosetta. They are a big help!

Age Group: High school students and Middle school students

Oct 25, 2017 Provide Feedback
Proctor for Spanish, Missouri
1:1 devices, Bring your own devices (BYOD), Blended learning classroom, Special education students, and High ELL population

There was not a Spanish Teacher.

Product Use: This program is being used as a method of self-instruction for the students to learn Spanish. Along with materials provided by Rosetta Stone, we also supplement with other materials, programs, etc, available online and worksheets.

What Worked and What Didn't: Rosetta Stone is working well for the students. The self-paced program allows the students to work and learn at their own pace along with the option to review materials at their discretion. With minimal prompting, the student's pace is maintained in coordination with the live sessions that are scheduled monthly (8 times a school year). The supplemental materials reinforce rules and explain why things are done the way they are in the Spanish language. Cultural materials are worked into the class to enhance their knowledge of the culture and to also break the students from the computer. Our classes are set up on a block schedule of 90 minutes - so I see the students every other day.

Age Group: High school students

Oct 20, 2017 Provide Feedback
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