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Redbird Advanced Learning

Redbird Advanced Learning

by Redbird Advanced Learning

GRADES / Elementary (Grades K-4), Middle School (Grades 5-8)
PLATFORMS / Web Browser

Adaptive K-12 digital curriculum, blended learning services and professional development


Redbird Advanced Learning (“Redbird”) is an online library of Common Core math and ELA curriculum that offers users blended and adaptive learning solutions. Students work through Redbird Advanced Learning’s lessons at their own pace, while teachers and parents can monitor student progress and mastery using data from ongoing embedded assessments. Schools and districts have the option to buy access on a per-student basis or to purchase a school- or district-wide license. Parents can purchase individual quarterly subscriptions to Redbird Advanced Learning’s library of advanced lessons geared towards gifted students from between $60 and $890 depending on the packaged selected.


Redbird is an online digital curriculum developed in partnership with Stanford University. Curriculum is comprised of multimedia instruction to engage students as well as teaching professionals. The system uses auto-graded assessments to establish student progress and mastery. The online learning tool allows teachers to differentiate instruction and target specific learning needs of students. All lessons are self-paced; students who master a skill or concept can progress quickly to the next lesson, while struggling students receive additional and specific instruction to scaffold the learning process. Lessons provide students with help and hints that address common errors. Students cannot progress to the next lesson without first demonstrating mastery.

Redbird offers three Common Core-aligned curriculum solutions. Math curriculum is offered for grades K-7, while language arts and writing is offered for grades 2-7. The company offers an advanced version of both math and language arts and writing for gifted learners. Redbird also has a professional development solution geared specifically towards teachers.


The Redbird Mathematics curriculum is based on a three-part learning model designed by Stanford University. Students master each Common Core skill or concept through a combination of guided exploration and explicit instruction. Skills and concepts are applied and reinforced through practice and advanced games. Students have the opportunity to create using their newly acquired skills in end-of-unit projects that challenge learners to think analytically through real world problems.

Each unit begins with an introductory video that highlights the relevance of the skills and concepts the student will learn. Graphics and interactive elements, including over fifty types of digital manipulatives, engage students in the learning process. Lessons feature embedded questions that continually assess student understanding and adapt to student instructional needs.

Language Arts and Writing

Redbird Advanced Learning’s Language Arts and Writing targets five Common Core-aligned areas of instruction: parts of speech, sentence structure, sentence composition, paragraphs and reading. Based on research from Stanford’s Center for the Study of Language and Information on over 7 million student-written sentences, Redbird uses language analysis technology to identify common errors in grammar and word choice. Redbird’s reading lesson framework is based on Common Core ELA standards. The lessons revolve around both informational and literature texts, and focus on academic vocabulary, evidence-based analysis, and critical thinking skills.

Lessons include audio support for instructions and passages as well as a number of digital manipulatives and scaffolded feedback. Students are given an unlimited number of attempts to answer each question; written responses are reviewed in real-time, giving students the chance to make revisions based on instantaneous feedback.

Gifted and Talented

Redbird Advanced Learning offers solutions for gifted and talented students. Lessons found are an advanced version of the digital curriculum found on the company’s website. Parents and schools have the option to buy math or ELA curriculum for independent, self-guided study or curriculum with live tutor support at an additional cost.

Redbird Professional Learning Platform

Redbird Advanced Learning offers professional development modules designed for teachers. TheRedbird Professional Learning Platform includes 14 to 18 hours of interactive online learning modules that instruct teachers on blended learning and technology integration. Lessons are delivered in 20-30 minute increments and include a variety of assessments and activities, including live interaction with peers and learning experts. Administrators can monitor teacher progress through an online dashboard.


Schools and districts can request a price quote through the Redbird Advanced Learning website; the company makes it possible to buy access on a per-student basis or to buy a school- or district-wide license that includes all users. Redbird Advanced Learning’sgifted and talented solution is broken into quarterly subscriptions. Users can purchase three months of independent study math curriculum or ELA curriculum for $60, or at a combined rate of $90 for both subjects. The tutor-supported version of the curriculum is $495 per quarter for a single subject, or $890 a quarter for both math and ELA. The site offers a ten percent discount for subscribers that take advantage of the auto-renew feature. Users can also apply forfinancial aid to access the site’s offerings.


Anindependent study conducted by New York University’s Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools determined that, on average, Redbird Advanced Learning users achieved higher standardized test scores than their counterparts who did not use the online curriculum. The study also showed that all students showed improvement, regardless of their original baseline scores or their demographic. 


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