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A PD management system that supports the observation process, learning plans with goals and target outcomes, as well as PD content and instructional resources


Generation Ready takes a blended approach to PD by combining in-person coaching with a set of technology tools that support professional development. The company has a team of over 200 coaches with backgrounds as educators, education consultants, administrators, curriculum planners and professors.

The suite of digital tools, called ReadyPath, allows districts and teachers to create learning plans with goals and target outcomes. It also supports the observation process (for teachers, administrators and coaches), and delivers PD content to teachers through a feature called Learn Library. Generation Ready’s services and tools can be purchased together or separately, though in-person coaches also use ReadyPath as part of their work with mentees.


Generation Ready customizes coaching services for each district. It involves some element of in-person coaching and access to ReadyPath’s digital tools. Coaches have at least 10 years of experience in their content area. The in-person coaching can be designed to support specific school, district and state initiatives. Customizable three-day institutes are also available.

All of the tools and coaching provided by Generation Ready is grounded in their Six Essential Best Practices of Effective Schools framework.


ReadyPath is a set of web-based digital tools that support the planning, observation and learning processes for teachers and administrators. ReadyPath has four modules:

Plan: Districts can create learning plans with goals and action items for teachers. Teachers can create their own learning plans with goals that are aligned to those of their district.

Observe: Administrators and coaches can use this module to share observation reports with teachers and recommend resources from ReadyPath’s Learn Library based on what they noticed during an observation. Teachers can respond to observations and supply evidence of professional growth.

Learn: ReadyPath has a professional learning library (called Learn Library) that includes about 400 ELA and Math content items. About 50% of that content are videos of real classrooms. The rest of the content includes as well as sample instructional units, lessons and performance tasks for students. Approximately 40% of the content is Common Core-based, with videos and resources aligned to specific standards. These resources were designed to support teachers with implementing specific standards or strategies into their everyday practice.

Progress: The progress module allows central office staff and administrators to access reports at the school and individual teacher level. This includes viewing progress on observations, learning plans and personal goals. There are a variety of reports available, including the number of observations that have been completed, detailed observation summaries, communication between the teacher and observer and more. This module is only available for district and school administrators to use.

Product Brief

Essential Features


  • Job-embedded, in-person coaching with coaches that have over 10 years experience in their content area
  • Leadership effectiveness coaching for administrators
  • 3-5 day customizable Institutes based on the unique needs of a school or district
  • Set and track goals and action plans for professional learning
  • Track the observation process & share documents for reporting and communicating with the teacher
  • Learn through a professional learning library of 400 ELA and Math content items including videos of real classrooms, sample units, lessons, student work samples and performance tasks for students
  • Provide data reporting for administrators (including observation data, teacher progress on goals, usage and more)

Value Added

Generation Ready fuses in-person coaching with a set of online tools that support professional learning. The coaching allows teachers to receive live support and modeling in the moment, while the online tools provide ongoing support and communication. Generation Ready coaches have at least 10 years experience in the content area in which they are coaching, so teachers can get feedback from coaches who have relevant experience.

ReadyPath’s Learn Library includes videos from real classrooms so that users can get an idea of what effective instruction looks like in action. Administrators and coaches can link specific recommended resources to a particular teacher based on what they see during in-classroom observations.

Types of Schools Using It

As of summer 2014,Generation Ready’s coaches and digital tools are being used in a mix of over 700 urban and rural schools and districts in the US. Over half of the schools they work with are in the Northeast region of the United States. Generation Ready frequently supports schools with large ELL populations.

Most schools using ReadyPath also have in-person coaches from Generation Ready. However, there are some schools that may not have coaching services from Generation Ready, but use the online tools.

How It Works


ReadyPath has four modules: plan, observe, learn, and progress. During the onboarding process, Generation Ready sets up ReadyPath using district provided email addresses. First time users get an email from Generation Ready that prompts them to set their own password.

When a user logs onto ReadyPath, they are taken to the home screen, which displays a list called “My Activities.” This is essentially a to-do list for the user. The home screen and navigation bar for district administrators, school administrators and teachers is similar but there are some minor differences, because the teacher’s menus are more limited.


The planning module is designed for setting goals with specific outcomes, and taking action on those goals. Teachers, administrators and central office staff at the district level can all set their own goals and build action plans, including steps that will be taken toward meeting the goals that have been set. Additionally, administrators can choose to view their own personal plan, the plan of a specific teacher or the plan for their entire school. A district can create and pre-assign district-wide goals that will show up on every user’s plan. A school or a teacher can create their own goals, targets and actions that are aligned with the district-wide goals but are tailored to their own needs and interests.

To build a goal or an action plan, a user fills in a series of fields and text boxes. For example, if a school has set a goal of improving literacy outcomes for all students in grades 6-8, a user might want to build an action plan to meet that goal. The user would click “Add Activities” and would type their action into the window that pops up. In this case, perhaps a user wants to add the action of implementing an intervention program to meet the needs of students struggling with literacy. The user would type the text into the box, click “Add Action,” and then the action would show up on the user’s page.

The planning module has a variety of rubrics and frameworks for evaluation that districts can choose from when setting up ReadyPath. Once a district has chosen a rubric, teachers and administrators can align their goals to the rubric. To align a goal to a particular section of a rubric or framework, a user can click “Align Rubric” and choose from a series of options on a dropdown. The options will be specific to the rubric being used by the school or district, so that a teacher can align a goal to a particular aspect of that rubric.

The framework and rubrics can be customized for each district’s needs. As of summer 2014, ReadyPath offers the following frameworks and rubrics for evaluation but they can be customized for each district’s needs. This may cost an additional fee.


The observation module supports the observation process for both the observer and the teacher. Administrators start by scheduling an observation and sharing their plan with a teacher including the date and time, the rubric to be used, a selected framework for evaluation and whether the observation is formal or informal. There is a sharing button that can toggle on or off for collaboration between the administrator or coach and the teacher. If the share button is on, the teacher has full access to all updates made to a scheduled observation. For example, the observer might update the time or date of observation. If the observer makes the change on ReadyPath and the share button is on, the teacher will be alerted about the update.

Observation data is recorded on the platform. A teacher and his/her observer can input their notes and comments. Once an observation is complete, the observer can recommend that teachers focus on a specific skill by going into their PD Plan and creating activities for those teachers to follow. There is also a commenting feature so that teachers and observers can communicate. The comments can be aligned and linked to particular aspects of the selected framework. For example, an administrator might make a comment related to a section of a rubric on classroom management. He/she could align it to the rubric so that the teacher can see feedback that is tied directly to the rubric.

Instructional Support

The learn module features the ReadyPath Learn Library, which is a repository of resources. Learn Library has about 400 ELA and Math content items including videos of real classrooms as well as sample instructional units, lessons, sample student work (modeling different levels of ability) and performance tasks for students.

Approximately 40% is of the content is based on the Common Core and is tagged to specific standards with the goal of supporting teachers on CCSS implementation in the classroom. These resources are developed and curated by the content team at Generation Ready. Teachers can browse and choose resources on their own. To add a resource, a user clicks a button that says “Add Action” and adds a resource from the pop up window. This adds the resource to their list of action items and they can work toward using the resource at their own pace.

Administrators can also recommend specific resources to their teachers based on what they notice during observations by linking a resource to a specific goal that a teacher has. Once an administrator has linked a resource to a teacher’s goal, the resource gets pushed out to a teacher and the teacher can see it on their homepage.

The content in Learn Library includes:

  • CCSS Instructional Units: These units support deeper understanding of the standards and include resources such as rubrics, annotated exemplars and video models, sample unit outlines, lesson plans, sample student work (modeling different levels of ability), and performance tasks for students. These can be searched for by grade level or standard.

  • Instructional Conversation Guides: These guides are meant to support rich conversations amongst educators in PLCs. In some cases, these conversations may happen as part of a structured planning meeting, in other cases a Generation Ready coach may facilitate these conversations. Each guide uses the same four part structure, which includes: research, models, practice and impact. As of summer 2014, there are guides for the following topics:
    • Formative Assessment
    • Collaborative Learning
    • Essential Strategies
    • Common Core
    • Framework for Effective Classrooms
  • Instructional Discussion Protocol: The discussion protocols support educators in focused, outcome-based conversations about instructional literacy strategies such as Identifying Cause and Effect or Using Prediction Strategies. Typically, the protocols include a classroom video model, the development of an action plan to take back to the classroom and a collaborative analysis. These conversations may occur through PLCs, during group planning meetings, structured PD times or with a Generation Ready coach.
  • Video Library: The purpose of the videos is to help teachers see what effective instruction looks like in action so all of the videos are from real classrooms across the country. Generation Ready has an education group and a content publishing team comprised of individuals with direct classroom experience including teaching, coaching and providing PD. The education group identifies schools and classrooms with strong instruction. Each video is designed to target a specific area of instruction (Ex: a particular reading comprehension strategy). Members of the education group and content team are present during each video shoot. All videos are reviewed and edited by the education group.

Videos in the library can be shared within the Professional Learning Community on ReadyPath.


The progress module allows district and school administrators to view progress on goals at the school and individual teacher level. The teacher’s home screen does not have the progress module because that functionality is solely for district and school administrators.

Administrators can view observation data in graphs, based on areas such as how teachers are scoring on formal and informal observations. They can also see learning plans (at the district, school and teacher levels) and can view progress toward individual goals (or how many action items they create and mark complete) and actions inside each learning plan.

All reports can be viewed, printed or downloaded as a CSV, Excel or PDF file.


When Generation Ready is contracted by a school (or district), a Generation Ready coach completes a needs assessment on the school or district. Based on this needs assessment, the Generation Ready coach creates a customized PD plan for the school. Then the coach works with teachers (and/or administrators) to make progress towards the goals identified in the needs assessment through in-person coaching, modeling and online support using ReadyPath.

Generation Ready has a team of over 200 coaches with backgrounds as educators, education consultants, administrators, curriculum planners and professors. Each coach has at least 10 years of experience in the content area they are coaching.

How It Is Used

As of summer 2014,Generation Ready’s coaches and digital tools are being used in a mix of over 700 urban and rural schools and districts in the US. Over half of the schools they work with are in the Northeast region of the United States. Generation Ready frequently supports schools with large ELL populations.

After receiving a School Improvement Grant to improve student achievement, Okolona High School in Okolona, Mississippi enlisted Generation Ready to support both principals and teachers with mentoring. Generation Ready worked with Okolona High School for two years (2011-2013). During the two years, Generation Ready provided principal mentoring and teacher coaching. They coached principals around observation practices and faculty meetings. The teacher coaching was targeted at lesson planning and instruction, driven by data.

The University of Louisiana at Monroe TEACH program (a virtual master's degree program for teaching) began using ReadyPath in 2014. The program uses ReadyPath's observation tools as well as the Learn Library. The observation tools are aligned with the state rubric, and are used to evaluate and provide feedback to teacher interns in the TEACH program. Resources in the Learn Library are used to support whole-group, small-group, and individual discussions and activities. Students in the program use the videos in the Learn Library to problem solve when they are faced with issues in their classrooms.

In addition, Blytheville Public Schools in Arkansas uses ReadyPath as an observation tool to support teacher professional development efforts alongside Generation Ready coaching services.

Measuring Effectiveness/Data


ReadyPath’s progress module allows district and school administrators to view progress on goals from a teacher’s learning plan in both graphical format and in raw form through CSV files. Users can view observation data, district & school learning plans, teacher learning plans, usage data and more. Observation reports include the Observation Rollup (all completed observations with rubrics), Observations Detail Report (including detailed notes, communication and responses), a Teacher Walkthrough Report (aggregating data collected), and a High Level Summary Report (including total observations completed by each school and by each observer). Action plans can be viewed at the level of the individual teacher, or at the level of the school or district.

Reports can be viewed, printed or downloaded as a CSV, Excel or PDF file. The progress module was designed solely for administrators, so it does not appear on the teacher side.

Setup and Implementation


Generation Ready assigns a Product Implementation Manager to each of their districts using ReadyPath. The role of this individual is to support the district through setup. Set up includes delivery of training for ReadyPath and continued support to the district after the initial implementation phase. There are also some partnership roles that exist on the district side including program lead, technology lead and training lead, who work closely with the Product Implementation Manager throughout the entire process. The district chooses these individuals.

When a district signs their contract, Generation Ready delivers an Implementation Plan, which offers detailed information regarding standard configurations and special customizations or integrations (Ex: new frameworks). Typically, Generation Ready can launch a district in about 30 business days once the plan is created.

Once the district review is complete, there is launch training for teachers and administrators, which is facilitated by Generation Ready, which is followed by 30 days of project management support from the implementation team. After these 30 days, the district transitions to the Generation Ready Customer Support Team.

Training and Support

If a school has a Generation Ready coach, that individual provides ongoing training and support to teachers and administrators.

After a district completes the Implementation phase for ReadyPath, they transition to the Customer Support Team.ReadyPath has an email support system, a help desk that users can call to ask any questions they may have and offers users the ability to report an issue while online. There is also a Getting Started video on the sign on page.

Generation Ready believes that launch training for a new school or district should happen in person and should be hands-on. Typically, the implementation manager will coordinate the launch training, which could be one day for a small district or staggered over multiple days for a larger district.

There is a standalone fee of $3,000 a day for the in-person training, which usually covers a maximum of 30 people per individual trainer. If there is a larger staff, they can send multiple trainers. In some instances, the trainer is a Generation Ready coach and in other instances the trainer is an individual from the support and implementation team.

Generation Ready also offers the option to complete training via webinar.


In some situations, a district would like to use the Learn Library as is but it already has a Professional Development LMS. In this case, the Learn Library can be integrated into a district’s system for around $2,500.


ReadyPath has two major areas of customization:

  • Rubrics and frameworks for observation are customizable. ReadyPath has about 10 frameworks/rubrics. If a district uses a rubric or framework that ReadyPath does not have, ReadyPath will build it out for a flat fee of $800. This process takes 48 hours to one week.
  • Basic customization of data reports is included in the cost. ReadyPath will do more complex data customizations but it may cost an additional fee.


  • Generation Ready offers coaching services, along with ReadyPath (an online suite of tools to support PD). These services and tools are available for purchase together or separately.


Pricing for coaching varies based on the unique needs of the district or school. Prices are based on a daily rate and subject to volume discounts.


Pricing for ReadyPath starts at $3,250 per site. Implementation site setup fees start at $800 per site. Volume discounts are available.

In some situations, a district would like to use the Learn Library as is but it already has a Professional Development LMS. In this case, the Learn Library can be integrated into a district’s system for around $2,500. (This is called the “learn only” offering.)

ReadyPath’s in-person training has a standalone fee of $3,000 a day, which usually covers a maximum of 30 people per individual trainer.


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