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Reading Kingdom

Reading Kingdom

by Mojo Learning

GRADES / Elementary (Grades K-4)
PLATFORMS / Web Browser

K-3 researched-based, online reading and writing instruction program


Reading Kingdom is a patented, adaptive, common-core aligned online literacy program that teaches K-3 students how to read and write to a 3rd grade level. Students begin by taking a survey to determine their proficiency level, which ensures that students start with material that is an appropriate difficulty. The Reading Kingdom teaches six skills: Sequencing, Motor Skills, Sounds, Meaning, Grammar, and Comprehension. For students who need it, the program starts with the basic sequencing skills that are fundamental for later literacy education. Additionally, students can learn sequencing using a digital keyboard, teaching them the location of each letter on the traditional keyboard.

Students then move on to the comprehension and writing phase. They are tasked with analyzing and completing basic phrases, transitioning up to sentences, paragraphs, and full stories. There are 5 difficulty levels with 6 books for each level. Prior to reading a book, students are taught all of the words that are going to be in that book in 4 different teaching formats. This system was designed to give students confidence as they progress through each book, as well as better identify which concepts (not just words) are causing them the most trouble.

After each level, there is a progress check to determine mastery of the previous material. If a student passes the check, they move on to the next book. If a student is still struggling with certain concepts, the program delivers reading and writing challenges specific to those concepts. The Reading Kingdom provides a detailed report on each student’s progress that can be accessed by teachers and parents on the website.

After a free 30-day trial, parents must pay $19.99 per month or $199.99 per year, and every additional child on the account gets a 50% discount. Teachers and schools can take advantage of significant discounts by contacting the company.

Mojo Learning was founded in 2011 by Jonathan and Dr. Marion Blank. Jonathan previously co-founded Wildform, an award-winning multimedia presentation and e-Learning software company that created Flix, the first Flash video encoding software. Dr. Blank developed and patented the “6-SIM” Six Skill Integrated Method at Columbia University on which the Reading Kingdom program is based. Based on research by the Institute of Education Sciences, 2 out of 3 children are failing to reach a proficient level in reading. Additionally, traditional reading and writing have been taught with phonics and whole language strategies, but only 1 in 5 words can be sounded out. This led to the creation of over 500 specific rules that define all of these exceptions. The Reading Kingdom, as well as Mojo Learning’s series of Literacy books and stories by Dr. Blank, are designed to “address the shortfalls in current teaching methods.”

The Reading Kingdom team is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The  program was released in 2011. They won the Top Homeschool Curriculum Award in 2013.


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1. The student page could look a little more kid friendly instead of a page of boxes with lots of words that you have to scroll down to see. Especially if these students are non- or early-readers, the boxes full of descriptive sentences are a little overwhelming and hard to navigate. 2. I would l...

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