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GRADES / Elementary (Grades K-4), Middle School (Grades 5-8), High School (Grades 9-12)
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Online exercises that allow students to learn English grammar by writing sentences and proofreading passages.


Quill is a web-based tool that provides personalized, interactive writing and grammar activities. Quill features over 150 activities for students in grades 3-12. These activities are built from very specific pieces of the Common Core State Standards, such as individual lessons for each conjunction word.

Quill's suite of three writing apps (Quill Grammar, Quill Proofreader and Quill Writer) currently focuses on English grammar and writing fundamentals. Students learn the grammatical concepts by writing out complete sentences that incorporate the intended word or device. They are also asked to proofread passages filled with grammatical mistakes. Quill then highlights the student’s mistakes and provides a follow-up lesson on those particular subject areas. Students receive immediate feedback and can then repeat assignments until they achieve proficiency. Finally, students can participate in collaborative writing challenges in which they are given a prompt and a set of vocabulary words, and as a group they must turn them into an essay.

Teachers can track which students are struggling with certain concepts and provide individualized instruction to suit their needs. Over time, teachers can track student progress throughout the course.

Teachers can sign up for Quill and register their whole class for free.

The nonprofit team at Empirical has created over 150 lessons built directly from Common Core topics for grades 1-8 (finished in October of 2013). In February, 2014 they began pilot testing with approximately 1,000 students in coordination with SRI. Empirical’s open development platform allows teachers and developers to design custom content, as well as build new education applications off of the current code base.

Empirical was founded in March of 2013 by Peter Gault, who plans to expand Quill into a general purpose literacy tool across K-12 and higher ed. Quill’s mission is to “provide personalized grammar lessons for every student,” after being inspired by Laura Gibbs, an English professor at the University of Oklahoma and edtech commentator. Gibbs desired a way to easily identify students’ proofreading abilities, specifically by utilizing written responses over the typical multiple choice assessments Laura oftentimes noticed in online solutions. As seen in New Dorp High School, learning by writing has been a successful approach for dramatically improving literacy scores. The Quill team hopes to accomplish this while ensuring that teachers spend less time grading and have the individualized student data to provide personalized instruction.

Empirical was awarded a $25,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in July, 2013 and a follow-up grant of $200,000 in April, 2014 as winners of the Literacy Courseware Challenge.


Students and teachers can access the Quill products through any browser.


Teachers can use a version of Quill for free that includes the writing and grammar platform along with the content library and three apps. Teachers and schools can also purchase the premium version for $5 per student per year.


Since launch, Quill's suite of products has been used by over 25,000 students and 1,000 teachers in over 500 schools.


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2 Increase the grade range. With a tool this amazing and the need for improved grammar across th...

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