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Pup's Quest for Phonics

Pup's Quest for Phonics

by Colvard Learning System

GRADES / Pre-K, Elementary (Grades K-4)
PLATFORMS / iPad, Web Browser

iPad literacy app that teaches one sound at a time.



Pup’s Quest for Phonics is a literacy app that teaches students one sound at a time. The program can be used by an individual student or in a classroom setting, and is aimed at younger students. Pup’s Quest can be downloaded for a set price from the iTunes store.


Pup’s Quest for Phonics is an iPhone app that teaches children how to read and write through a step-by-step process of introducing new sounds. The app is designed to be used in Pre-K through Middle schools settings, with an emphasis on younger children. Pup’s Quest can be used in a group or individual setting, as well as with special education students or English-language learners.


Teachers initially use Pup Quest’s assessments to identify the current reading level of each student in the class. Teachers then set up a virtual classroom on the app and assign each student to the appropriate starting exercise.

The app revolves around the student progressing through a book about the character Pup. At each chapter, Professor Pup teachers the student the new sound that she will need in the coming chapter. Students learn the sound through entertaining videos and songs, and practice speaking it through voice-activated activities. Students also practice reading, writing letters and spelling basic words.

Throughout each activity, students receive immediate feedback on whether or not that have said or spelled words correctly. Each lesson ends with a final review of the words and sounds the student has learned in the previous lesson. As they learn more sounds, the storyline of Pup’s book becomes more complex. Teachers track individual student progress through the in-app dashboard feature.

The Pup’s Quest app provides worksheets and other materials that can be used to supplement in-app work.


Pup’s Quest for Phonics is available only as an iPad app. Teachers can use the program in a group setting, or can set up each student with the app individually. Once the program is downloaded, students do not need access to the app to use it.


Pup’s Quest is available via the iTunes store for $34.99 per download. The app can be purchased by an individual teacher or parent.


As of July 2014, Pup’s Quest was being used by more than 1,000 students in over 30 schools.


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