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GRADES / Middle School (Grades 5-8), High School (Grades 9-12), Higher Education
PRICING PLANS / One Time Purchase
PLATFORMS / Android, Web Browser, iOS Devices

Small scientific measurement device that allows students to record data such as acceleration, temperature and pressure


PocketLab is a small scientific measurement device that allows students to record multiple types of data such as acceleration, angular velocity, magnetic field, pressure and temperature. Students or teachers can attach PocketLab to various items (e.g. wheels, mini rockets, etc.) to conduct experiments and collect data.


PocketLab is described on the company’s website as the “Swiss army knife of science”. The product is equipped with multiple sensors that can measure and record acceleration data, force, angular velocity, magnetic field, pressure, altitude, and temperature.

The user, who could be either a teacher or a student, first enables Bluetooth on the user’s device (iOS, Android or Chromebook), then downloads and opens the PocketLab app. Next they turn on the PocketLab sensor to pair with the user’s device. Once PocketLab and the user’s device are connected, PocketLab starts to measure the different types of data, while the PocketLab app displays the data on a graph in real-time. To save or examine data more closely, users can also record the data and save it online. After recording, they can scroll through or zoom in and out of the recorded data graph, and select a specific data point to see its value. Additionally, users can export and share raw data via a CSV file, a screenshot of the data graph and numerous other apps. Supplemental resources such as lesson plans, assignments, and use cases for schools can be found on PocketLab’s forums.


An Android, iOS device or Chromebook, along with the PocketLab app is required to display the data transmitted from the PocketLab device.


PocketLab can be purchased for $98 each on the company’s website; the PocketLab app is free to download.


As of October 2015, the number of users is unavailable, since PocketLab was just launched in the summer of the same year. 


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