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by Plickers
GRADES / Elementary (Grades K-4), Middle School (Grades 5-8), High School (Grades 9-12)
PLATFORMS / Android, iOS Devices

Polling/assessment system for classrooms that uses paper and a single Android or iOS device


Mobile clickers are all therage but they presume that students have mobiledevices and that schools will actually allow them to be used. Enter former teacher,Nolan Amy, with a simple, low-tech solution. Give students a physical card witha unique QR code. Each of the four sides of the card represent a different response(A-B-C-D). When the teacher prompts the class with a question, students raisetheir card in front of a class camera (which can be a webcam or mobile device)that records the responses onto a teacher dashboard. It’s “data collectionsolved for every classroom that only has one device,” says Amy.

Plickers waspart of the Imagine K12 fourth cohort in 2013.


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Debbie, tktchr
EdTech Director, Solomon Schechter Day School of Metropolitan Chicago, Illinois

How to do quick formative assessment without a lot of tech hassle

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