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Persistence Plus

Persistence Plus

Persistence Plus uses mobile-based nudges to help motivate students to engage in behaviors and make decisions that can lead to success.

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Overview [Long description]: Persistence Plus is a student-centered mobile platform that uses nudges informed by behavioral science to help students develop academic mindsets and behaviors that can lead to success. The nudges—received by students in the form of text messages or push notifications—are personalized to students and tailored to each institution’s important dates and deadlines. But Persistence Plus stresses that its nudges are not just reminders, but messages that leverage behavioral principles to overcome the psychological barriers to student success. For instance, nudges might reframe challenges that students encounter as a normal part of the college experience. Some nudges are interactive, posing questions. Students’ real-time responses are analyzed through natural language processing and artificial intelligence which parses what they say and chooses how to respond appropriately. This information also is used to determine which nudges students later receive. There is no web-based version of the tool; Persistence Plus consults with administrators, sharing usage analytics and reports.

Features for Student Success:

  • Student-facing mobile app
  • Addresses the whole student lifecycle
  • Evidence-based, behavioral nudges developed by in-house experts
  • Customized messages for each institution
  • Personalized nudges based on students’ demographics and real-time responses


  • Time to go Live: Implementation takes about six weeks. Persistence Plus works with institutional stakeholders to determine their strategic goals, success metrics, and the campus resources to which they want to drive students.
  • End-User Training: No training required.

Tool Type
  • Connections
Interested Departments
  • Academic Affairs
  • Advising / Counseling
  • Student Affairs / Student Services
Pricing Data
  • Number of students and level of customization
  • annual subscription fee based on the number of students served and the level of customization required for the engagement

Who is using it?

University of Washington-Tacoma
Middlesex County College
Johnson C. Smith University
Ohio University
University of California, Riverside
University of North Texas at Dallas


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