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Teacher, School Type: Middle School, High ELL Population, Low Income Population, College Prep School, BYOD Devices
Jan 23, 2016

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: I would use this program to send out field trip slips.

Strengths: This product sends field trip slips, red forms, and other forms to parents to request information. It emails the forms to them, eliminating a paper trail. The form can be filled out and sent to/from cell phone emails. Graduation ticketsan be reserved and yearbooks can be sold. The only fees are surcharges for collecting payments. Field trip slips are free if no money is attached.

Suggestions for Improvement: The only pushback I can imagine in using this program is if parents claim they didn't see the email or if a student approves his/her own form from the parent's email. However, we see students forging paper permission slips as well. The other problem would be that not all parents have Internet access or emails. In this case, a traditional paper permission slip can be printed out. I'd like to see a feature where teachers can enter a print permissions slip received so that all the information is collected in the same place.

Verdict: I would recommend this tool because it would simplify the field trip slip process. We struggle with getting field trip slips returned on time. Students lose their trip slips and parents forget to send them in or return them incomplete. Then we digitally record the information in a spreadsheet. This eliminates those steps and simplifies the process.

Krisha, Ed Tech Specialist. School Type: High School, High ELL Population, Low Income Population, College Prep School, Blended Learning
Jan 28, 2017

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: I work for a credit-recovery charter school, and our students do not meet on campus every day, so sending out permission slips/forms/contracts to parents (and getting them back in a timely fashion) can be particularly difficult. This would make the process much easier!

Strengths: I really love the translation feature. This is a big issue for us, because many of our parents speak different language.

Suggestions for Improvement: I still think it would be helpful to (at some point in the future) add the ability to specify a parent's preferred language in advance, and then to have the emails that are sent out to be in the preferrend language of the parent. Sometimes when parents see emails in English (and it is not their first language) they may ignore the email entirely, so this would be a good feature to add at some point.

Verdict: Communication with parents can be particularly difficult with our type of school structure, because students don't come to campus every day (some of our students, such as those with medical conditions, can't come to campus at all for months, in some instances). This would make getting forms/contracts/documents to and from parents would much easier; and I think it would be easier to organize and track our documents.

Occasional Teacher, School Type: Middle School, High ELL Population, Low Income Population
Oct 3, 2015

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: I would use this to aid in getting parent permission for field trips, and short school excursions. It's a great way to get parent volunteers and drivers for school trips.

Strengths: - don't need to collect money myself and be responsible for it
- flexibility for still allowing for parents to hand in hard copy of permission slips
- no app needed, very flexible
- customizable
- digital copies of filled forms with me at all times.

Suggestions for Improvement: - I would need to get a chance to use this product for a month or so to have an idea of what improvements that need to be made. So far, I think this product is a great idea and I would love to use it.

Verdict: It's free, and takes the hassle and responsibility in collecting money and forms from students. Parents have the option of making payment digitally. I also love that I am able to carry the forms with me digitally on my trips instead of having to carry the hard copies. Makes the rote admin work that teachers have to do much easier.

raymond, Teacher. School Type: Elementary School, Low Income Population
Jul 12, 2015

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: Field trip permission slips, fundraising, digital permission, payment collection

Strengths: Problem solved- students lose permission slips- always accessible online, immediate tracking of students who have filled out forms- by teachers and administrators, ease of collecting of payments- no change needed to be given, and fundraising

Suggestions for Improvement: 1) address tardy students after attendance is submitted...teachers in Baltimore City are not able to go into the system after the fact
2) have organizations linked automatically to fundraising efforts of schools for projects or for events
3) automatic alerts or reminders when students have not yet completed permission slips with pop up names so that teachers can quickly look at the app and address the students

Verdict: simplicity, free to schools, online- and thru phone, easy to track permission slips- rather than forms that students would lose before they can hand those off to parents

Teacher, School Type: Elementary School, BYOD Devices
Oct 3, 2015

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: I would use this tool to manage field trip permission forms and payments. It would be great for someone like me who can be a bit disorganized at times. Great for keeping track of which students have brought back their forms and paid. Letting parents pay by credit card would be handy too - saving me from having to collect myself.

Strengths: Solves the problem of me losing forms and helps me collect money. Also, allows the principal to easily sign off on trips and lets parents pay by credit card. Hardly have cash on hand these days with the ubiquitousness of digital payments.

Suggestions for Improvement: Maybe have it integrated into the school board intranet so that you can use one Id and password for school stuff. Honestly couldn't think of anything else. Every question I had was addressed by Chris.

Verdict: Centrally, it would be fantastic to have data on field trips across the board.

Stem Coordinator, School Type: Elementary School, Low Income Population, Blended Learning
Jul 12, 2015

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: To set up field trips and to make a process that works much, much better than what we do!

Strengths: If I could have a file for each family/student, we could take advantage of field trips that come up on plan or unexpectedly. I really need the emergency data to have easy access. This seems to do this.

Suggestions for Improvement: I don't understand the money part, but I think that sounds good. I need a handout to send home to explain this to the parents. I need something to explain to the administration at two levels - the principal to approve and the business manager to use it. I also need to convince the teachers that this is not another time waster. Thanks, cho

Verdict: The system we have now is not a system. It is painful, does not work well, does not track well, causes too much paper work, discourages teachers from doing field trips

Vanessa, Sped Teacher. School Type: Middle School
Apr 23, 2016

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: I would use this in the beginning of the year to get parental information from parents about my students. This would be a great way to get emails and important information about students.

Strengths: It is nice that we can share forms digitally and it is available on multiple platforms. I think the fact that it is free is very appealing to teachers and parents.

Suggestions for Improvement: I wish there was a PDF feature that allows it to read and change a scanned pdf form. Often times admin will give teachers the form on paper and it would be nice to scan it and upload it so it can turn into a form we can use rather than having to re-type it.

Verdict: I would recommend this to save time and materials. We would not need paper to create these forms. This would save money as well because it is free

Teacher, School Type: Elementary School, BYOD Devices
Oct 18, 2014

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: I would use it for all of our field trips and fundraising activities. It would make it so much easier than sending out reminders notices and follow ups. I would love the ease of notification and the collection help.

Strengths: I love the online distribution aspect and the integration components. I love that the company helps with some of the record keeping and notification. I want that for our district.

Suggestions for Improvement: Per pupil fee is a bit high but I am hopeful that the district paying will make it more manageable and accessible for everyone. I want to reserve judgement until I actually use this.

Verdict: I would advocate it for school wide usage and I would encourage the district to pay for it. It would give them access and control to who is paying and also help with the nonpayers.

Kim, Tech Toa. School Type: Elementary School, Middle School, High School
Jan 23, 2016

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: I would use this product for my classroom permission slips for field trips, movies, volunteering, and fundraising. I would love if my school or district used it for registration!

Strengths: It appears Permission Click will is quite organized and will therefore help me get and stay organized. i will always have access to the records it generates - nothing getting lost in my trunk! I love it!

Suggestions for Improvement: Does permission click offer templates or may I scan my own permission slips (etc.) into the system? May I keep a locker of my forms from previous years for future years' use? What are policies on digital signatures?

Verdict: Permission Click is free! It reduces paperwork, and our generation of elementary parents are accustomed to using the digital world to get and give their info.

teacher, Teacher. School Type: Middle School, Low Income Population
Oct 3, 2015

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: Making sure everyone gets a permission form home to their parents at the intermediate level is a waste if time. This allows parents to become informed immediately and not have to worry about school forms being stuffed into their bags and getting all wet. Instead all the need is the address.

Strengths: Can be translated into different languages and can forms can be printed for those parents who don't have access to a computer.

Suggestions for Improvement: Does your site offer a list of popular trips? Sometimes teachers just need to be informed about was option are out there. Or even a teacher review about trips they have been on already.

Verdict: Sorts, gathers and allows all the information needed for an event to be found in one place. Even maps get attached and links to the event venue.

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