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Suite of social-emotional content coordinating teachers and parents


Peekapak provides teachers and parents with digital books and lessons to teach and discuss socio-emotional topics such as kindness, respect, gratitude, self-regulation, and perseverance. Teachers can track student progress through the topics, at-home activities, and common core standards. A basic Peekapak account is available for all users, however a ‘pro account’ with more lesson and parent communication features is available for purchase.


Teachers first use Peekapak by going to the website and following prompts to create a teacher account. Once their account has been set up, they create their class by selecting the ‘Set Up a Class’ tab on the left vertical navigation bar. Teacher users type in the names of their students and press enter, or copy and paste student names from a Word or Excel document. Once added, teachers add in corresponding parent email addresses. After they are entered, parents receive an email inviting them to create their own Peekapak account.

Teachers then begin Peekapak lessons by selecting the ‘Explore a Topic’ tab on the navigation menu. They select which unit they wish to do based on which social emotional topic, such as kindness, respect, and self-regulation, they wish to cover in class. Units are designed to be approximately one month long. Teachers view the overview of the unit and begin the lessons by reading the provided digital book and following the lesson plans and activity templates, which are designed to be approximately 20 minutes long each. The basic account provides teachers with 2 lesson plans and templates per unit, while the pro account option provides them with 5.

Once teachers are done with the lesson, they select the ‘Track Progress and Share with Parents’ button on the top right of the lesson template. This then shares the digital story and a discussion question for parents to read and discuss at home.

Parent users begin by clicking on the email invitation sent out by teachers and creating their own account. Parents receive a notification from their child’s teacher with the digital story their child read that day and corresponding discussion question. Parents then read the story with their child by selecting the ‘Bookshelf’ tab on their navigation menu. Once they are finished reading, they check the complete button and send teachers a update message with feedback via Peekapak’s messaging tool. Peekapak reports this back to teachers, who can track student progress, ELA standards covered, and at home activity completion per student from their ‘View Reports’ dashboard.


A free, basic account of Peekapak is available for users. Inquiries about Pro Account pricing options can be made on the website


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