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OnCourse Systems combines a variety of school information and resources for administrators, staff, teachers, parents, and students into one web-based tool. It allows users to view, collaborate, and work on all topics regarding the school day such as lessons, curriculum, discipline, student information and statistics, grades, teacher evaluations, special education, and student growth objectives. OnCourse Systems is available for purchase by schools and districts.


All users begin using OnCourse Systems by logging in to their profile. Once logged on, users chose which of the nine portals--Lesson Planner, Curriculum Builder, Discipline Tracker, Student Information System, Student Stats, Grade Book, Evaluate, Special Education and IEP Suite, and Student Growth Objectives -- they wish to work in by clicking on its respective tab in the top menu bar.

Administrators select Lesson Planner to view a teacher’s lesson plans. From the Curriculum Builder folder, they create and submit school curriculum materials and resources for teachers to view and use in their lessons. Within the Discipline Tracker portal, administrators can view and monitor reported student infractions and teacher responses. Both administrators and office staff view and edit the Student Information System portal to track attendance records. By clicking on Student Stats, administrators can assess long-term trends in student performance as reported by teachers, in addition to assessing student progress and teacher assessment method through the Grade Book portal. Administrators use the Evaluate Portal to create, schedule, complete and share evaluations of teachers. They can also set, calculate, and track progress on Student Growth Objectives via their Student Growth Objective portal.

Teacher users select the Lesson Planner portal from their menu to create lessons following OnCourse templates. From their portal, they can share lessons with other faculty in the district or browse a library of already created OnCourse lessons made by other teachers. To enhance or support their lessons, they can access school and district curriculum resources by selecting the Curriculum Builder portal. Teachers detail and track disciplinary reports for their students by selecting and entering in report information on their Discipline Tracker portal. To enter grades and share them with students and parents, teachers click on their Grade Book portal and enter in student grades. To assist students with IEPs, teachers can select the Special Education and IEP Suite to view IEP and differentiated instruction plans per student. Lastly, teachers use the Student Growth Objectives portal to create student growth objectives, send them to administrators for approval, and calculate their anticipated accomplishment.

Students and parents use the Lesson Planner, Discipline Tracker, Student Stats, Grade Book, and Special Education and IEP Suite to view their assignments and important dates, discipline history, academic progress, grades, and IEP plans or parent letters, respectively.


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