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Collaborative learning system for students and educators.

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With the exception of third party images, video content, and case studies, this courseware content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License .

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Omega Notes’ Collaborative Learning System gives students the ability to use interactive e-Books in their class through the Course Pack system. Students can view course textbooks, videos, web pages, images, audio, news articles, PowerPoint slides, and more all in one convenient location. They can also take notes, draw pictures, search for terms, and highlight important information all within the e-Reader’s interface. Educators can track individual, group, or specific Course Pack behavior and seamlessly measures comprehension, and monitor participation and engagement in any class. The system was designed to effectively identify who is and who is not engaged while giving insight into the reasons why.

Courseware Features
  • Course Builder
    LMS Integrations
      Standards Integrations
          Pricing Data
          • Per Student
          • The Omega Enterprise package gives faculty and administrators full access to the Insights dashboard. Students are able to purchase course content through their portal.
          • Can be purchased by Teacher, School Leader, or District Administrator.
          • Omega Classroom
          • Students access their classroom specific material within the Course Pack system. Students are charged the price of content (at cost) in addition to a nominal Course Pack activation fee. Faculty are given access to the professor view of the Notebook and a limited view of the Insights dashboard. These features are at no cost to the institution.
          • Can be purchased by Student.
          • Omega Notebook
          • Student access to our Notebook platform is free. There is no faculty or administrator dashboard available in the Notebook package.
          • Can be purchased by Student.
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