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Noticing Tools

Noticing Tools

by New York Hall of Science

GRADES / Middle School (Grades 5-8)

Suite of standards-aligned iOS mobile applications for math and science that promote experiential learning


Noticing Tools is a set of interactive STEM apps for students. Students use the apps, Choreo Graph, Fraction Mash, Playground Physics, Size Wise, and Volumize to engage with math content and curriculum using their own videos and pictures through simulations, visuals, and manipulations. Noticing Tools is available for free.


Students start using the Noticing Tools suite by downloading the apps and creating an account. Once downloaded, they then select which of the six apps they wish to work with. Using Choreograph, students take or upload a picture of themselves or a friend and use their finger to outline the picture’s body parts. Using geometry, angles, and translations, students animate each part of the still photograph to make it move in complex motions.

In Fraction Mash, students take or upload two pictures. Fraction Mash then divides each photograph into fraction grids or circle depending on the shape of the picture. Students drag and drop fractions from one photo to the other to create new, ‘mashed’ photographs and practice with fractions.

For Playground Physics, students start by taking a video of action on the playground such as a friend doing a cartwheel or throwing a ball. Using the app’s features, they speed up or slow down the movement, analysing the data using in app metrics and visuals to explore physics variables such as speed and velocity.

To compare size, proportions, rations, and other measurements, students use Size Wise. Students take a picture of themselves or a friend and add in a graphic such as the Statue of LIberty next to the person in the picture. Using their fingers, students use the sizing tool to shrink or enlarge the person in the picture to experiment with measurements. Once the desired size is set, students add in text bubbles with comments to create a comic book style picture and publish it for others to see.

Volumize allows students to make 3D models of their own pictures. Students take pictures and use the simulation tools in the apps to overlap volume and area representations of the pictures and create other 3D representations of the picture. Students also measure the area, volume, and complex shapes in the picture in 3D.

Noticing Tools provides a library of lessons for teachers to use in the classroom that integrate usage of the apps. To find a lesson, teachers click the ‘Lessons’ tab on the menu bar and search for a lesson by selecting the desired subject, grade, standard, design learning, art, or delight they wish to teach. All users can view a gallery of what other students have created using Noticing Tools by selecting the ‘Gallery’ dashboard from their menu.


Noticing Tools costs $9.99. 


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Director Of Innovation And Learning. School Type: Elementary School, Project Based School, BYOD Devices

Currently there seems to be no way to create outputs such as stl files for 3D printing. I believe they are working on that. I think adding negative space (holes) such as in Tinkercad, could make the Volumizing app even more versatile.

Screenshots are the only way to output student data c...

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Basic free version - All apps are free in the App Store and available for managed distribution through Apple's volume purchase program.
Can be purchased by Teacher, School Leader, District Administrator, Student, or Parent.


This product is available as a native application on the following devices:
iPad App
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