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In Summit Reflections, educators review tools that they have seen at an EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit. Summit Reflections can only be completed onsite at the event; reviewers are incentivized to leave reviews.
Student, School Type: Higher Education
Jan 28, 2017

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: It's like FB for students, so I would create a student community and encourage continual posting, discussion, and grade checking for my classroom.

Strengths: Product is well integrated with how students currently use technology -- it's a seamless transistion to their current use.

Suggestions for Improvement: 1) Talk about the integration with Google Docs more
2) Create a tutorial for teachers not familiar with FB's interface already to familiarize themselves
3) Help with course management

Verdict: Learning platforms such as these require network effects to be useful--like ALL OR NOTHING value, so you would need the whole school (if not the whole district) to adopt it to be helpful for students to get information on their courses for.

Educator, School Type: Other
Jan 28, 2017

full starfull starfull starfull starno star Advocate

Usage: share data with other students

Strengths: great mutual learning tool. Social media site for learning. I like the encryption and PCI compliance features. This is so important these days with so many things getting out on the internet that were not intended.

Suggestions for Improvement: it would be good to have a facebook feed included with the interface. I understand this probably voids the PCI compliance but perhaps some way to access in an isolated window might work. A place that lists important Test details along with (count down timer to test date etc.) would be good. Like when the test is due the timer turns bright red and starts flashing.

Verdict: great tool for students to collaborate and learn better both during school and after hours.

Andrew, Staff Development Specialist. School Type: Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Other, High ELL Population, Low Income Population, Project Based School, College Prep School, 1:1 Devices, BYOD Devices, Blended Learning
Jan 28, 2017

full starfull starfull starfull starno star Advocate

Usage: I work with teachers in special education. This would provide a great collaborative tool.

Strengths: The scrolling feature and mirroring of social media is great.

Suggestions for Improvement: 1. Promote use with adult collaboration
2. share examples of adult to adult collaboration
3. Provide examples for access for students who have reading issues, but want to access the platform.

Verdict: This provides easier access to collaboration for staff who wish to network, but are at different schools.

Teacher, School Type: Middle School
Jan 28, 2017

full starfull starfull starno starno star Neutral

Usage: I would be scared of students writing inappropriate comments towards other students.

Strengths: I like the idea of students reviewing each others work, however I'm not sure all students are mature enough to handle this program.

Suggestions for Improvement: I like that it is similar to Facebook, however Facebook is considered outdated for most students. I don't think younger students would get everything out of this.

Verdict: I feel this is good for higher level grades or ability students.

Teacher, School Type: Middle School, High ELL Population, 1:1 Devices, Blended Learning
Jan 29, 2017

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: At my school we belong to teams. I have a math, language arts, and history teacher on my team and i would use this product for all of use to communicate with each other and with our group of about 150 students.

Strengths: I like that it is like a social media site but for educational purposes. I like that there can be multiple owners which would work well for my team as there are four of us. This product would allow for my team and i to all be aware as what is going on in each others classrooms.

Suggestions for Improvement: I liked what i saw so for now i do not have any suggestions for improvements.

Verdict: I would recommend this product in that it is like social media platform for teachers and students but at the same time it is for educational purposes. Students are all into social media and i feel allowing them to feel as though they are doing something that they like they are at the same time doing school school work.

Recruiter, School Type: Middle School, High School, High ELL Population, Low Income Population
Jan 28, 2017

full starfull starfull starfull starno star Advocate

Strengths: i think it's very user friendly and is similar to other social media websites. there are many components to it such as speaking about assignments, students helping one another and many other features

Suggestions for Improvement: visual appeal because it looks very similar to facebook. though it is unique and easy to use, the look is rather basic and resembles facebook

Verdict: i would let them know that it's a one stop shop for communicating with students and can increase engagement

Teacher, School Type: High School
Jan 28, 2017

full starfull starfull starfull starno star Advocate

Usage: It is very student- centered, and can motivate students to learn and involve in.

Strengths: It can make both teachers and students time easier, such as, if some kids missed the class, they don' t need to come over to me for make-up assignment. They can go to product and know what to do .

Suggestions for Improvement: 1. More visually appealing;
2. More students-centered;
3. More entertaining.

Verdict: Because it can help facilitate the learning process and create harmonious teaching and learning vibes.

Robin, Art Teacher And Coordinator. School Type: Elementary School, Middle School, College Prep School
Jan 28, 2017

full starfull starfull starno starno star Neutral

Usage: I would use it in my Junior High art elective. I like the use of a news feed and the anonymus questions that you can do.

Strengths: This product would solve the paper waste with rubrics and lessons for the students. It would make life exciting for the students. They would do more engaging in my class more.

Suggestions for Improvement: I would love it to link up with our school blackboard. I think it would be great to have it link up with our gradebook as well.

Verdict: The Junior HIgh students would appreciate the applications this product provides. I like the idea of posting office hours and podcasts. I like the idea of having students post questions and answering them later if time does not permit in class.

Educational Specialist, School Type: High School, Higher Education, Project Based School
Jan 28, 2017

full starfull starfull starno starno star Neutral

Usage: would use it to have a platform to allow students to share discussion and share information regarding their opinions.

Strengths: like the fact that it has a good interface and it also allows you to have analytics to use for the measurement of student engagements

Suggestions for Improvement: could not think of any at time, I think once i interfaced with the system i would have more suggestions in how to best use the platform.

Verdict: recommend because it has a lot of good features and it allows you to use current tools as well

Sandra, Teacher. School Type: Elementary School, Blended Learning
Jan 28, 2017

full starfull starfull starno starno star Neutral

Usage: I feel there are other products that use these idea programs and have more of them. I don't feel that this program works with others very seamlessly.

Strengths: Organization. REsources.

Suggestions for Improvement: 1. Seamless use with other programs.
2. Offering a service not already provided.
3. There is nothing else I can think of.

Verdict: I feel other programs already accomplish these collaborations and supply these resources in organization and communication.

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