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GRADES / Elementary (Grades K-4), Middle School (Grades 5-8), High School (Grades 9-12)
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Teacher-created writing app generates quizzes based on student interests & skill needs


NoRedInk is an online tool used for teaching grammar, usage, mechanics and style to students in 4th through 12th grade. Teachers can assign a variety of diagnostic and instructional materials to their students through NoRedInk. Students may also choose to work through the hundreds of activities in NoRedInk’s online independently. The majority of NoRedInk’s offerings are free to users, however the company does offer access to upgraded features through a paid subscription to NoRedInk Premium.


NoRedInk was created Jeff Scheur who claims inspiration for the website from the near 15,000 English papers he graded while teaching in Chicago. The goal of Scheur and NoRedInk is to take his experience and translate it into tool beneficial for both students and teachers.

NoRedInk for Teachers

NoRedInk is an online tool that can be used to supplement in-class instruction. Entirely online, both teachers and their students can access the NoRedInk site from anywhere. NoRedInk’s hundreds of activities for students in 4th through 12th grade allows teachers to differentiate instruction using a wide array of activities to suit their students’ specific learning needs.

The majority of NoRedInk’s content is free for all users. Free content includes:

  • diagnostic testing features to determine student strengths and deficiencies
  • adaptive learning technology that adjusts to student correct and incorrect responses
  • immediate feedback for students
  • auto-grading for all assignments.

Additionally, NoRedInk provides all users with numerous resources for onboarding including parent letters, implementation guidelines, and video tutorials.

Teachers access NoRedInk’s library of activities through a dashboard that features three separate tabs: ‘Lessons’, ‘Activities’, and ‘Data’. The Lessons tab includes a comprehensive list of NoRedInk’s offerings broken into ‘pathways’ and smaller lessons. For example, the ‘Adjectives’ pathway is broken into four lessons: ‘What Does the Adjective Describe?’, ‘Identify Adjectives 1’, ‘Comparative Adjectives’, and ‘Superlative Adjectives’. Teachers have the ability to read through pathway objectives and individual lessons.

The Activities tab allows teachers to build ‘Planning Diagnostic’ tests and graded ‘Unit Diagnostic’, ‘Practice’, and ‘Quiz’ activities. Teachers select anywhere from 4 to 10 questions for students to complete from the chosen pathway(s). Teachers may also set point values for practice activities and quizzes, establish due dates, and determine whether students are allowed late submissions. The NoRedInk dashboard estimates the amount of time to complete each assignment based on the specific pathways and number of questions the teacher selects.

The Data tab includes different metrics to help teachers plan lessons and track student progress and growth. A ‘Gradebook’ feature keeps track of all completed assignments. Filters allow teachers to search by class, date, completion, and assignment type. The NoRedInk dashboard can also generate ‘Heat Maps’, a color-coded report that can shows student mastery of an entire pathway or mastery of a specific skill.

As a freemium product, users can subscribe to NoRedInk Premium. Upgraded features include over 500 topics across more than 50 learning pathways, materials aligned to Common Core and other state and national tests, and priority customer support.

NoRedInk for Students

Students can access NoRedInk through their personal learning dashboard where they will find assignments from their teacher. The dashboard also gives students the chance to work independently and select materials from any of the available pathways.

NoRedInk’s website emphasizes its goal of providing ‘high-interest’ content. Students customize their dashboard by selecting what most interests them, anything from favorite television shows, movies, or books to celebrities, musicians, and athletes. NoRedInk generates questions specific to student interests. For example, a student who expressed an interest in Harry Potter may answer a question with Hermione Granger as the subject. A student interested in The Hunger Games may answer the same question stem but with Katniss Everdeen as the subject.

NoRedInk’s online library includes a variety of questions, many of which have multiple right answers to show students that there is more than one way to build a sentence correctly. Students manipulate sentences in a number of ways including dragging and clicking to achieve a correct answer. This along, with high-interest content, is intended to add an additional layer of student engagement.

NoRedInk’s adaptive learning system adjusts and responds to students based on their correct and incorrect responses. Tutorials and videos are also made available to struggling students. NoRedInk boasts ‘unlimited practice’; students can keep working until they have fully mastered a skill or concept.


Students, teachers, and school districts have access to NoRedInk’s broad online library free of charge. Users may opt to upgrade to a NoRedInk Premium account by requesting a quote through the company’s website.


NoRedInk’s site features an independent study conducted by Shadow Ridge Middle School in Colorado. The study sought to determine whether there was a correlation between using NoRedInk and student improvement on the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Language Usage test. It also measured whether NoRedInk performance levels correlated to MAP improvement. It’s important to note that this study was conducted without distinct parameters or a control group.

As a part of the study, 265 seventh grade students were pretested in August of 2015 and post-tested in May 2015 using NoRedInk. NoRedInk was used primarily as supplementary instruction and teachers were given the discretion to determine the frequency of use.

The study showed that the percentage of NoRedInk questions answered correctly correlated to a bump in student performance on theRIT scale. According to Christian F. Perez, Ph.D. who conducted the test, the study suggested that the NoRedInk pretest was a predictor of MAP scores, while struggling students using NoRedInk showed the largest margin of improvement. 


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NoRedInk Premium - NoRedInk Premium is a mastery-based curriculum that helps students improve their grammar and writing skills and aggregates data for teachers, schools, and districts to improve learning outcomes. The Premium version contains 450 skill topics and a complete scope and sequence to scaffold concepts for struggling learners. Districts use NoRedInk Premium in grades 5-12 for general classroom use, RTI, and as assistance for English language learners.
Can be purchased by School Leader or District Administrator.


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