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NetRef is an app built for any device that allows teachers to manage and monitor student internet usage. In combination with NetRef’s network, which must be locally installed, the NetRef app enables teachers to restrict internet, app, or texting use while students are in their class. NetRef can be licensed for a per student per year cost.


NetRef is an app built for any device that allows teachers and (coming soon) parents to manage and monitor student internet usage with ease. The app was designed to ensure that devices with internet access serve as learning tools rather than learning distractions in the classroom or at home.


After installing NetRef, teachers and administrators can control student internet and app access across any app on any device, including games, social media and texting. For example, if teachers would like to administer a quiz on student devices, they can use NetRef to cut off internet access to anything but the quiz. To this end, NetRef enables teachers to establish unique internet usage guidelines that only take effect while students are in their classes.

Presently, schools must locally host NetRef’s network in order to use their app on student devices. However, NetRef plans to offer cloud based access to their network in the near future, which would allow schools to use NetRef without installing additional servers.

NetRef plans to offer a similar set of abilities to parents, enabling parents to filter internet access until homework is completed, for instance. Beyond providing a straightforward way to manage student device usage, NetRef also provides reports on how students are using their devices. For educators, this means information on how and when apps and internet browsers are being used on a school, classroom, or student level. For parents, this means a real-time look into their student's app and browsing habits.


NetRef is currently available for schools only. NetRef can be used on any device with internet access, but first requires local server installation with a cloud based solution to come.


NetRef can be licensed by schools for $15 per student/year. It will cost $10 per student/year for home usage.


NetRef is used by over 500 students.  


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I think it would be helpful if apps were more readily blocked, rather than a backdoor workaround with the company. I would imagine that creating a list of sites visited for a couple days would allow teachers to curate a list of "ok" sites more easily than asking teachers to come up with "ok" site...

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