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Teacher/Tech Coordinator, School Type: High School
Sep 12, 2015

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Usage: As a science teacher, I am always trying to relate my material to the real world. That being said, I can't always find a speaker or someone currently in the industry locally to relate the material. I would love to be able to have these "digital presentations" in my classroom to have my students see real people using the material they are being taught in the classroom.

Strengths: Well, it's awesome. The ability to connect students with real professionals in the industry is incredibly cool. The fact that if they dont already have a professional lined up for your current interest (even thought there are over 16,000), they are connected on Linked-In and will find a presented suited for your search. It is age appropriate. The tech required for the school is very basic.

Suggestions for Improvement: To be honest, at this point I don't have improvements to suggest! It checks a lot of boxes for me and the questions I asked the answer was already there!

Verdict: Allows students to make real world connections with current material. We preach we are creating 21st century learners and what a powerful way to do that. Students not only have the ability to watch presentations but they can present their ideas to professionals in the field.

Nikki, Steam Integration Specialist. School Type: Elementary School, Blended Learning
Jun 13, 2015

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Usage: As a STEAM Integration specialist I am always looking for experts in the field to come in and talk to my students. Networking and finding experts are time consuming. This is a great service connecting educators and students with experts.

Strengths: Its great at promoting business based careers. Students are always asking me, "How much does an engineer make?" or or "What does a carpenter actually do?" This would be a great way to start a dialogue and for students to ask questions. This is also a great way to inspire students.

Suggestions for Improvement: I really like the concept, and I think that its a fantastic idea. I can't wait to use this resource. The only thing I would change is the price. The cost is $149 per teacher. It would be better if its was $150.00 per school.

Verdict: This would be an amazing experience for students to connect with real world problems and promote higher level thinking skills. Our school wants to incorporate more project based learning, and this would save us a lot of time finding experts.

Teacher, School Type: High School, Low Income Population
Jul 12, 2015

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: Be able to win the relevance fight "I'm never going to use this in my real life" response that students give can become obsolete under this program.

Strengths: I like the fact that I can finally get real world connections and the professional aspect of science back into the classroom. Now kids would see how Chemistry comes out into the real world and that there ARE jobs that need and use chemistry daily and that THEY Can get

Suggestions for Improvement: Maybe a demographic section kids would identify more with professionals who look like them or maybe grew up in similar backgrounds so a feature where you can request a demographic make up of the professional you get.

Verdict: Because we always wonder whether we can reach professionals, guest speakers are hard to get ad real world learning is a standard and goal of lesson plans that we often can't reach as teachers. now I can click a few buttons set up soe questionnaires and have the kids get all of that in a period

Computer Teacher, School Type: Elementary School, Middle School, Blended Learning
Feb 26, 2016

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Usage: To enhance lessons and have students hear from professionals in the area of expertise I am teaching. A great tool to guide learning and foster interest in students

Strengths: This solves the problem of having to go out and find professionals to talk to the students and get them excited about the curriculum. Allows students to see real world examples in action.

Suggestions for Improvement: I loved everything about this presentation. It would work better if the turn around time was shorter for the presentation. It takes about two to three weeks to get the speaker lined up. That requires the teacher to plan ahead a great deal of time in order to align the speaker with the coursework. However, I think this is phenomenal…so incredible of an idea.

Verdict: It is so affordable - much cheaper than getting professional to come in and speak to the school. Great way to get experts into the classroom and have others find those experts for me.

Teacher, School Type: Elementary School, Low Income Population
Sep 12, 2015

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: I would use this to connect my students with the community because a professional will be available to talk to them.

Strengths: It totally digital and the sessions can be engaging and interactive. It's similar to skype and it's very interactive. The class can engaged and listen to the professional while watching the video.

Suggestions for Improvement: There aren't really many improvements because the program works for all subjects and the teacher can connect directly with the professional who speaks in the class. Nepris uses a Zoom to bring the professional to the class. Therefore the students will be able to see speaker in person. I could say the cost is a problem is there a way for the school to purchase a license at a discounted price

Verdict: This is a great way to establish a community based lesson when the professional is speaking to my students via online.

Technology Director, School Type: Elementary School, Middle School, BYOD Devices
Jun 13, 2015

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: Just as it was connect students with content area experts and industry professions.

Strengths: Answers the student question: why are we learning this? Allows students access to professional 'coaches' to enrich their learning Encourages the teacher to perform in the role of a 'learning enabler', instead of being perceived as 'the expert'

Suggestions for Improvement: I would like to See the pricing structure changed to a 'building-based' one instead of teacher-based. I think in the yearly class schedule any one teacher might use this a maybe 3-4 in a year, but multiple teachers might use it 1-2 times/year each; it would open up more possibilities across subject areas and grade levels.

Verdict: It brings the immediacy of real world concepts into the classroom.students can get a true sense of how to connect their academic learning to real applications.

Teacher, School Type: Middle School, Low Income Population
Oct 18, 2014

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: I would pair with another teacher to be able to show/explain in real life terms the science concept. I would also use it to converse with other professionals

Strengths: This program gives you real people currently in the field. It also lets the students talk to others (professionals) to see if that would be the career path they would like to enter

Suggestions for Improvement: TIme allowance between asking for professional, what would happen if school was canceled and not able to contact the professional to reschedule. On the school building front the internet conncetion

Verdict: show others in a given field I would like for students to have more intrests about a subject and that it is just now in a certain area Would also like to keep up with improvements/ innovations in specific areas from someone in that field currently

Director Of Curriculum, School Type: Elementary School, Middle School, High School
Feb 26, 2016

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Usage: I would use this product to support the Business curriculum, because it puts students in touch with professionals in the field.

Strengths: The connectivity between professionals in the field and students learning about the real world. The fact that it breaks down barriers that exist between traditional classrooms and real life makes this product powerful for learning.

Suggestions for Improvement: I would drop the price point; however, I understand that the company needs to be viable. Also, I believe the videos should be stored for access at later times. Finally, I would allow students to have the opportunity to create videos to share.

Verdict: I will recommend this product in order to support instruction and curriculum relevance for teachers/students enrolled in Business classes.

Bissonet Plaza, School Type: Elementary School, High ELL Population, Low Income Population
Sep 12, 2015

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: I would use this in science!

Strengths: Students can solve real world problems. Students are supported by real world professionals. Students feel a connection to their studies. Virtual sessions are also archived. I also like the privacy feature of this program.

Suggestions for Improvement: I would ask for an assessment aspect. When we asked the rep, she said there wasn't an assessment feature. Perhaps a quiz of some sort would allow students to feel like they are going to be held accountable for listening to the presentation.

Verdict: I would recommend it because students can see project based learning. Students can also connect with real world practitioners. I love that students can discuss with real professionals and professionals can connect with them!

Garry, Science Teacher. School Type: Middle School
Apr 25, 2015

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: I would organize presentations according to student science fair topic interests, to help mentor students with their projects.

Strengths: Brings non teacher but motivated professionals into the classroom and student minds.

Suggestions for Improvement: Allow students to select mentors and have mini sessions with them based on their interest.
Have presenters mini bios and work samples available for students to explore and search through.
Basically make everything more student centered and less teacher directed.

Verdict: This product has the potential to connect students with real world examples and applications of STEAM careers and if combined with micro science fairs organized by theme, can have a positive impact on the entire school community.

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