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Video-based social network for high schoolers to get near-peer advice on college & career


Mytonomy is an online platform that provides a space for students to get and give advice on high school success, applying to colleges, and figuring out careers. Mytonomy provides users with the opportunity to ask questions and view video responses from college students, graduate students, working professionals, and educators. These video topics are organized by categorical information like majors, careers, and even specific colleges. While originally geared towards high school students, Mytonomy targets any student between the ages of 14 and 25 years old.

Upon signing up, students are taken to a dashboard where they can search through a variety of topics relating to high school, college, and careers. The initial dashboard page provides an area for students to type in specific questions (like “What is this major about?”), which filters relevant feedback videos about the chosen topic. A user can also search a general topic at the top of the homepage where they’ll find a list of relevant resources, including videos, specific pages for colleges or universities, or profiles of Mytonomy mentors who can speak more deeply to the subject. Mytonomy’s search capabilities borrow from both Twitter and YouTube in design; videos have a rating system, and users can “follow” specific mentors. Additionally, Mytonomy has a “Communities” tab, where students can search and join specific high school Mytonomy networks.

Teachers and school districts can also create accounts to both access and add to Mytonomy’s content. Educators can first utilize the content for their own needs, such as with a “Counselor Kit.” Crafted by CGnine, this kit is a set of playlists (combining high-quality video with downloadable materials) that cover topics surrounding college access for students in 9th to 12th grade. If a teacher prefers to add their own content, they may do so through on their profile page, thus achieving what Mytonomy refers to as a “blended counseling model” (as co-founder Sean Burke demonstrates on his Mytonomy channel).

Mytonomy is a free platform for individual users. Visitors who don’t log-in can only watch two videos per day, but upon signing up, users have the ability to watch as many videos as they wish.

Mytonomy also offers two versions for schools. The free version provides schools and districts with online training and the ability to archive school data in as organized database, in addition to free accounts. However, if schools and districts choose to upgrade to Mytonomy Plus, they receive additional features, including the ability to create customized playlists of videos, a dashboard for school-specific analytics and reporting, and customer support by phone. For initial Mytonomy Plus customers, the company charges $3 per student, with a minimum of $1000 per school.


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