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Teacher, School Type: Middle School, High School, Low Income Population, Project Based School, 1:1 Devices, BYOD Devices
Oct 25, 2014

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: I would love to use this site to align all of my assignments to CCSS work easily. Too often, I find myself frustrated with where to gather all of my standards! This site will make it so easy (even as a History/Social Studies teacher) to ensure that I am hitting the standards when it comes to ELA and the content standards as well.

Strengths: My favorite thing about this product is how tightly aligned it is to CCSS. As our state as aligned to the work happening around the country, it's incredible to see how other teachers may have attacked that same standard. I also love the idea of being able to calendar out the standards.

Suggestions for Improvement: The cost will definitely always be a turn-off for teachers trying to do this innovative work, as good as it is. Also, it seems to have a lot going on as well on the individual screens. I wonder if there is a way for teachers to integrate grades and use the Power Law metric for final grades.

Verdict: Honestly, it looks like such an easy site with such great ways to integrate standards-based grading that is aligned with the CCSS without much work on the end of the teacher. As I pursue methods for our grades to be more aligned to standard mastery, we must find ways for teachers to do this work seamlessly. Metria enables that work to happen.

Teacher/Tech Lead, School Type: Elementary School
Oct 25, 2014

full starfull starfull starfull starno star Advocate

Usage: To create pacing guides and track my students progress toward the standards.

Strengths: It is really helpful that the standards are already unpacked and broken down. The ability to edit and share is also helpful and necessary to our work. I also love the features to track student data. The price is also amazing!

Suggestions for Improvement: Adding more features that would allow you to plan out daily lessons. For example adding in exit tickets, assessments, lesson plans, etc. Allowing you to be able to see a spreadsheet of all standards within a subject (or at least multiple standards) for your class list to be able to see an overview of where there are holes in mastery. A databank of assessment questions matched to each learning target. An app on IOS and Android devices.

Verdict: It is created for planning but seems limited in actually planning out daily lessons. It looks more like a pacing guide. However, I love that it has already broken down CCSS into learning targets.

English Teacher, School Type: High School
Oct 25, 2014

full starfull starfull starno starno star Neutral

Usage: This product is great to work with if you have a set curriculum map that you need to follow and pre-set standard orders to follow.

Strengths: Wonderful depth of cross-functional integration. I liked all of the tools and standards imbedding. Nice flexibility for pre-set curriculum map course design.

Suggestions for Improvement: I am looking forward to the secondary product! I'd like to see the ability to choose text level and have that adjust the lesson suggestions accordingly. For example, many high school texts line up under "Love in the Face of Obstacles" but teaching that topic with Shakespeare is different than teaching it with poetry.

Verdict: Right now, this product is great for the lower grades and they are working on the secondary-level product. I am interested in seeing the secondary-level when released, but right now it seems that the secondary teacher will do the majority of the content creation; it will work as an outstanding repository for curriculum development, rather than curriculum support.

Enhanced Instructional Support, School Type: Elementary School, Low Income Population
Oct 25, 2014

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: My role is Enhance Instructional Support, which means I am an academic coach. I would highly recommend the resource to my teachers because it builds a yearlong map, monthly lesson plans, allows editing, and tracks data.

Strengths: It is a great resources because it addresses many issues that our teachers are having. We have a number of new teachers on staff and this would be a resource for them to use to begin planning and maintaining student records. For all of our teachers who are implementing the Common Core State Standards, this product offers a planning/tracking resource with aligned lessons built in. I also believe at $30 per year, it is very economical.

Suggestions for Improvement: Of course I wish it were free, but the amount of work required to build and maintain the program justifies what I consider a nominal price.

Verdict: I would recommend it because it is a tool that I believe would help our teachers feel less overwhelmed. It is aligned to common core, has built in lessons, collects data, and assists with interventions. Everything teachers are putting together on their own, perhaps using different resources. I also like the links to other website content.

Sped Teacher, School Type: Elementary School, High ELL Population, Low Income Population, 1:1 Devices, Blended Learning
Oct 25, 2014

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: To plan my daily, weekly, and yearly lesson plans.

Strengths: This product allows me more 'teaching' time with my students and less 'planning' time away from them. I am so impressed with the streamline design of the product ie. easy to read, easy to navigate, etc. Having it being web-based is ESSENTIAL!! Because like all teachers, we bring our work home with us & I need to access all my tools of the classroom :)

Suggestions for Improvement: I know that Tammie mentioned that product is free for the first year (2014-15) & $30 annually after that. I see this product as an essential part of teaching and serving my students. Maybe having discounts for teachers who provide feedback on your product every year would help.

Verdict: It is an essential tool that allows teachers to align common core standards and integrate it into my daily practice and lesson plans.

English Teacher, School Type: High School, Low Income Population, College Prep School, 1:1 Devices, BYOD Devices, Blended Learning
Oct 25, 2014

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: I would use it to lesson/unit plan, to tie my lessons to common core, and I'd use their lesson plans

Strengths: the ease with connecting multiple standards to each lesson and to moving lessons around within a unit calendar

Suggestions for Improvement: 1) i would make a template for creating individual lessons/units in the same format, 2) I would make a student interface for lessons/ learning targets 3) I would make it interface with the google platform

Verdict: the unit/lesson plans are intuitively adjustable (drag and drop) and can tie multiple standards to each lesson

Alt. Learning Prog. Coord., School Type: Middle School, High ELL Population, Low Income Population, Project Based School, Blended Learning
Oct 25, 2014

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: I would utilize this program as an overall classrom manangement tool.

Strengths: I love the opportunity to quickly create year-long planning guides, the ease of rearranging and the diagnostic components.

Suggestions for Improvement: Once again, without digging into the program further, I'm not aware of any improvements...if it's not currently embedded, I would like to see a way to capture/compare pre/post assessment data.

Verdict: I liked the simplicity of use and the ease of navigation. The cost of $30 is also easily affordable.

Teacher, School Type: High School
Oct 25, 2014

full starfull starfull starfull starno star Advocate

Usage: I would use this to plan out lessons and ensure that Common Core Standards are being met. I'm also interested in how this could work with an entire department and possibly aligning grade levels when the School Improvement Edition comes out. The product would also allow me to track struggling students.

Strengths: Seems very straightforward to use. Easy to see what standards are being met and the overal year outlook is a nice display to see.

Suggestions for Improvement: Some of the smaller pop up screens are a little difficult to read. Toggle buttons are too small and it might be easier for a new screen to pop up or to be able to split a screen.

Verdict: I think the teacher product would be a great way to track students for TPEP and keep lessons and units organized. I like the idea that all of the resources will be available in one place and can be accessed from anywhere. I think it will be more useful when the standards are broken down by unit rather than by standard category. I do want to know more about the School Improvement Edition and what that would look like. It would be a great tool if it can help with alignment and making sure all Common Core Standards are being met. This could be a great way for Middle School and High Schools to make sure units are aligned and that specific texts are not being used in multiple grade levels.

Teacher, School Type: High School, College Prep School, 1:1 Devices
Oct 25, 2014

full starfull starfull starfull starno star Advocate

Usage: To design and edit a learning unit

Strengths: It offers suggestions to diversify the learning experience and to find best practices that have proven effective for other educators

Suggestions for Improvement: I would label the icons larger so that it is a bit easier to find the tools that you may not use regularly. Also I would suggest making popup reminders available within a lesson so that a teacher may be reminded of anecdotes to through in at a certain time. Also I would include a timetable function for those teachers that like to watch the clock during a lesson or activity to keep on pace.

Verdict: It offers accessible resources in crafting a lesson or learning unit. A teacher can easily find ideas for activities in vetting lessons if an activity or lesson was less effective than expected.

Teacher, School Type: Elementary School, High ELL Population, Low Income Population
Oct 25, 2014

full starfull starfull starfull starno star Advocate

Usage: I would create activities with assessments. I would also use it to collaborate with my colleagues. I can track my students.

Strengths: It seems to be an easy way for us stay organized as a school. I love the calendar visual it creates for all colleagues to share.

Suggestions for Improvement: 1It would be great if the product kept track of a variety of assessments from a variety of content as well. 2 it would be awesome if the students could keep track of their learning. 3. I wish it had a way to have students push themselveslves to the next level.

Verdict: We are in need of a tool to keep track of our tier 2 students and a fast easy way to collaborate with colleagues.

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