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Stephaie, @TheFabSteph40
Family Services Specialist/Teacher Support/ literacy interventionist, Shelby County Schools/ Sharpe Elementary, Tennessee
High ELL population and Low income population

NWEA was used for the first time in the district last year as the official formative assessment for the district. Schools were given a window in which to test students. The assessment was to be giving 3 times. Fall, Winter, and Spring. The purpose was to establish a benchmark, and or establish growth data for student achievement.

Product Use: The product was used as it was intended. This was not optional, but mandated by the district. Students tested the 3 times as required by the district.

What Worked and What Didn't: While NWEA had the rigor, and appeared to be aligned with the common core, state standards, and had rich data, the data was not easy for teachers to read on a quick blush. With a program this rich in data, adequate training, and PD should have been mandatory. This absolutely should have happened prior to the first day of school. In my building, I am the unofficial trainer, as I have taken the liberty to learn the programs intimately, so that we can implement them with fidelity. It was not until the winter assessment that I was able to speak fluently about the program, and only because I went to another school district's website to download the FAQ's for teachers. Yes, the tools were awesome, if in fact teachers knew the value in them.
What did not work so well is the way that teachers had to set up the assessment, when students clicked on the assessment, they had to wait for the teacher to log back into the program, and confirm that they were ready to test. This again was a bit much for the students, and teachers, and in my humble opinion had an impact on the students final assessment. I would recommend a user friendly system, one that shares data with teachers in a user friendly format, and has a 1 step process.

Age Group: Pre-K students and Elementary school students

Jul 21, 2016 Provide Feedback
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