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Tools to help teachers track mastery of state and Common Core standards in core subjects


MasteryConnect is an online resource that helps teachers identify and track student mastery of Common Core State Standards to inform teaching practice. MasteryConnect’s site is programmed with every standard from all fifty states and the District of Columbia, over one million standards in total. Teachers have the option to manually input student raw scores or take advantage of MasteryConnect’s digital resources to create online assessments, then generate reports based on student progress towards standards mastery. MasteryConnect is free to users, however, the company offers upgraded features for teachers at $249 a year, or for schools and districts at $7 per student per year.


MasteryConnect allows teachers to keep track of student formative assessment data. Teachers input student data into MasteryConnect in one of four ways:

  • By entering raw student scores from formative assessments
  • By using MasteryConnect’s GradeCam to take pictures of bubbled scoring sheets
  • By uploading rubrics and determining mastery based on observations
  • By assigning online assessments generated with MasteryConnect’s online item bank of tech-enhanced questions

Teachers work within the “Mastery Tracker”, MasteryConnect’s user dashboard. Through the “Trackers” feature, teachers can view data for the entire class or for individual students. Data is color coded to show students that need remediation, are near mastery, or have mastered a standard. Teachers can filter data to sort by specific standards or by analyzing a specific item or question. MasteryConnect makes it possible to share data between teachers and to generate collaborative reports across multiple classrooms. The MasteryConnect site includes standards-aligned curriculum maps to help guide unit and lesson planning, as well as shared assessments between teachers.

Administrators can utilize MasteryConnect to view district data. MasteryConnect generates reports based on the total percentage of standards assessed, progress towards mastery of the standards assessed, and information on individual assessments and standards. Administrators determine how broad or how granular they would like each report to be, making it possible to look at district, school, classroom, teacher, and individual student data.

MasteryConnect includes a Resource Pins feature. Teachers can “pin” standards-aligned resources they find online or materials they upload to the MasteryConnect site to their curriculum map. Teachers can also pin resources to student “playlists” where they can be accessed from each student’s personal page.

Beyond standards-tracking tools, MasteryConnect offers “Socrative”, a real-time assessment tool, and “Mindful”, a professional development resource for teachers and administrators. Through Socrative, teachers can gauge student comprehension through multiple choice, true/false, or short answer questions, a quiz game, or through an exit ticket. Students answer questions using their personal device, while teachers can view a live results table that populates as students respond. Teachers can use Socrative to create, save, and share assessments and to review data from past quizzes.

Mindful guides teachers through MasteryConnect’s suite of online tools through various learning modules and videos. Lessons are self-paced and include an embedded notetaking feature and reflection questions. Administrators can generate reports to see teacher progress and completion.

The MasteryConnect site provides users with a number of resources, among them a user guide, training pack, videos, and a blog. MasteryConnect is accessible across multiple devices, including tablets and smartphones. The company offers several free iOS and Android apps, including one for Common Core, State Core Standards, and NGSS Science. Teachers can also take advantage of the MasteryScan app with the GradeCam feature that can instantly score bubbled test sheets.

MasteryConnect for Students and Parents

While the MasteryConnect interface is geared primarily for teachers and administrators, the company offers student and parent access, as well. Personal accounts make it possible for students and parents to view student progress towards standards mastery. Students can also access resources and complete online assessments posted by their teacher.


According to the MasteryConnect website, the online tool is used by over 2.5 million educators across all fifty states and Washington, DC. MasteryConnect also boasts users in 170 countries around the world.


MasteryConnect is a freemium product. Free content includes the MasteryTracker, Common Core Assessment Sharing, the resource pin feature, and Socrative Instant Response. Free users can scan up to 10 questions using the MasteryScan GradeScam app feature. Forupgraded features, teachers can expect to pay $249 for an annual subscription to Teacher Pro. Alternately, school- and district-wide access costs $7 per student. Teacher Pro features include GradeScan capabilities up to 100 questions, data exporting, collaborative tools and reporting, student reports, parent reports, and curriculum maps. Schools and districts have access to benchmarking and assessment tools, progress reports, teacher and student management, and Student Information System (SIS) integration. 


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Federico, @Edjuvinator
Dean of Innovation, Immaculata-La Salle High School, Florida

We were trying to get a better sense of how teachers were meeting the standards across all of our courses including those with custom standards. Then, tracking student progress across our school.

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