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In Summit Reflections, educators review tools that they have seen at an EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit. Summit Reflections can only be completed onsite at the event; reviewers are incentivized to leave reviews.

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Suggestions for Improvement:


Science Teacher

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Usage: To have students use to strengthen their brains

Strengths: Lumosity has about 40 different mind exercise games that you can do on your computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. You can focus in on different areas to strengthen and then the program will track your progress in a report at the end. It will keep track of all your scores over time and you can monitor how you improved (hopefully).

Suggestions for Improvement: It would be cool if they could use these games for subject-specific material. I could see this used in a biology or health class in particular.

Verdict: I would recommend it to health and biology teachers when they talk about the nervous system. It would be fun to have students play the games under different circumstances (before/after lunch, sleep deprived, etc.). I would also recommend it to anyone who wants to increase their brain capacity and stay alert.

Cassandra, Media Journalism Adviser And Professional Development Coordinator

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: I would use this to help my students' cognitive development

Strengths: The program is game-based and naturally engaging to students. The results can expand to all subject areas and aspects of life. It doesn't really directly work with any one subject, but the cognitive skills can be useful for improvement in all manner of tasks. The goal-oriented interface gives users a sense of agency, which is very nice.

Suggestions for Improvement: Honestly, the biggest detractor for me is the price. At $8 per kid per month, you're looking at a LOT of money. I might use it personally, or recommend it to students and families.

Verdict: On an individual basis, this program could be really useful. If it was more affordable, I'd recommend it on a school or class basis.

Analis, 3rd Grade Teacher

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: Myself

Strengths: It's a fun and engaging website. I think my students would enjoy using the website. The puzzles remind me of the test my district administers to determine GATE students. I would like to use it with students who might not (yet) qualify for the program so that they can have practice solving problems and puzzles, and train their eye to succeed in identifying patterns.

Suggestions for Improvement: I would like to simplify it for the younger grades. I can see it being beneficial for struggling students, and increase their concentration however developmentally I'm not sure of it is appropriate.

Verdict: I feel better from using it personally. I feel like I am able to practice and refine my cognitive skills.

Heidi, High School Teacher

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: congitive development

Strengths: I really like the research based approach they are taking to their delve into education. I also like that it is not about specific academic objectives but rather about increasing basic functions of the brain, such as memory and speed. These are applicable to every subject and will help my students overall in all of their subjects. I also really like that they are very user friendly and fun activities while still helping develop these skills.

Suggestions for Improvement: Nothing right now. I'd like to hear more about the results of their research as they finish it, but so far so good.

Verdict: Seems like a great, fun, and quick way for my students to build some brain power.

Omar, Digital Media Arts Teacher

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: I would mainly use this for students who have met the objective in my class to go further with another assignment to build cognitive skills.

Strengths: I think this would be great for students to do in my class. I like the different cognitive games and the data that it provides over time. I like that they have a game come out monthly.

Suggestions for Improvement: I would like there to be a class group created so that teachers can keep track of what students are doing. on a trial basis for the free app.

Verdict: It was recommended to me and I trust the person who gave me this recommendation.

Matthew, Music Teacher (9 12)

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: cognitive development

Strengths: Lumosity is simple, intuitive, progressive, and responsive. Each game is tailored to develop a particular cognitive skill and cognitive skills apply to all subject areas.

Suggestions for Improvement: Lumosity needs more MUSIC GAMES - pitch matching, rhythm coordination, chord identification, timbre (instrument) identification, chord progression identification, orchestration, etc. etc.

Verdict: Lumosity is without pain. It's easy to get started and one quickly recognizes its applicability (or lack thereof).

Intervention Teacher

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: I would use it for my less than advances or proficient students.

Strengths: It solves the problem of people feeling like they cannot train and improve their brain as much as they can their body.
It does this through entertaining games.

Suggestions for Improvement: As an elementary school teacher, I would make it more kid-friendly.

Verdict: Like we talked about with your reps, it is worth trying to see the results. I just hope that the "post-test" is accurate and informative.

Steve, Social Studies And Avid Teacher

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: I would like to integrate this program into my middle school AVID class

Strengths: AVIS's purpose is to help student develop skill that will allow them to realize the goal of going to college. The Luminosity program would provide cognitive skills necessary for developing better critical thinking and organization.

Suggestions for Improvement: Making the tests Common Core aligned

Verdict: Our school is in the process of increasing technology-based lerning on our campus.

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