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GRADES / Elementary (Grades K-4), High School (Grades 9-12), Middle School (Grades 5-8)
PRICING PLANS / License, Free
PLATFORMS / iPhone App, iPad App, Android Smartphone App, Android Tablet App

Progress tracking through one-on-one instruction


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Literator Dash - See how the entire school is performing with the School Performance Dashboard Predict future student performance Differentiate by demographic See academic and behavior trends together Dedicated support team No implementation fee Dedicated support team Up to 2 days of professional development per year Daily updates on overall school reading performance Prediction of future student reading performance Differentiated reading performance by demographic Side-by-side comparison of academic and behavior trends Compare class performance with grade, school, or district if covered under the same license Insights without testing: Updated daily Smart grouping of students by skills Know what to expect: Predict performance based on past data Correlate with attendance and behavior data Pinpoint needs: See which skills and behaviors need attention Identify at-risk students for intervention Plan professional development for teachers based on student need Celebrate progress: Track month-over-month growth Compare school with district-wide performance Use insights to set goals
Can be purchased by School Leader or District Administrator.


Free - Literator App is free a tool that helps teachers accelerate reading proficiency and improve literacy and easily, with just a few clicks! It also lets teachers communicate literacy data with other teachers, principals, and parents. Best of all, it’s free for teachers! Track reading behaviors and skills with just a click. • Read with students and observe what their strengths and challenges are • Set goals and watch for progress over time • Everything is logged in realtime - with just one click See class trends in minutes • Students are immediately grouped by common challenges • Most common challenges are highlighted, so teachers can turn and teach to most needed lessons. Get beautiful, hassle-free reports - with no data entry • Track behavior and skill trends - with just one click! No after-school data entry, and without breaking from your routine. • Gain valuable insights that might otherwise go unnoticed Track student progress with your smartphone, tablet, or iPod Touch • Award points on the go, wherever you are • No more lugging clipboards around, taking time or being tied to your computer
Can be purchased by Teacher.


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