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Lexia Reading Core5Lexia Reading Core5
Lexia Reading Core5
by Lexia Learning
GRADES / Elementary (Grades K-4), Middle School (Grades 5-8), Pre-K
PLATFORMS / Web Browser, iPhone App, iPad App

Adaptive reading software for foundational skills in preschool and elementary grades


Lexia Reading Core5 (“Core5”) is an adaptive reading software for students in grades pre-K-6. The program is designed to be used as a standalone tool, or to be incorporated into a classroom’s blended learning model. Core5 requires a license to use.


Lexia Reading Core5 provides reading curriculum in six areas: phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis, automaticity, vocabulary and comprehension. Each of these areas is addressed by different activities with Core5. A full list of the program’s scope and sequence can be found here

Students interact with Core5 by moving through different units, each of which is set in a unique location (e.g. Paris, the South Pole) and features its own characters. Students are presented with a list of the activities they may try, and can choose the order in which they are completed. Students begin the activity with a standard, on-level question. If the student performs well on the standard level questions, she can proceed to other activities or to complete additional work from the Lexia Skill Builders’ worksheets. If, however, she misses this question, Core5 will next present to her a similar question, with some built-in scaffolding (for example removing some erroneous answer choices). If the student continues to miss questions, Core5 will dive into direct instruction in the relevant topic; this instruction can be supplemented by the teacher using Lexia Lessons materials.

As students work through Core5’s activities, the program provides teachers with data on students’ progress. Teachers can view a student’s mastery of various skills, their lesson intensity, and whether or not the student needs individual intervention. Teachers can set up the program to provide alerts via the site or via email when students require a targeted intervention.


Lexia Learning Core5 is designed to be used by whole schools or districts, rather than individual parents or teachers. The program costs $9,900 / year for unlimited school site licenses; this cost includes implementation services and at-home access for students and teachers.


As of February 2016, Core5 was being used by approximately 2.6 million students.


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