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In Summit Reflections, educators review tools that they have seen at an EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit. Summit Reflections can only be completed onsite at the event; reviewers are incentivized to leave reviews.
5th Grade Teacher
Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: I would mainly use this for tracking student attendance and eventually when the product develops more, to monitor student progress as well.

Strengths: In the middle school level, the product would be really good to monitor student attendance. It will solve a lot of issues surrounding student attendance - tardies and absences.

In all levels, when the product is more developed, it would be a great way to monitor student learning.

It also connects to PowerTeacher as well.

Suggestions for Improvement: Individual reports and data on each student will be helpful.

Verdict: I would recommend it to middle schools teachers who have to monitor a large group of students. The data results will be helpful in comparison to other schools district wise.

11th And 12th Grade Math Teacher
Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: Determining truancy trends for rewards-based programs

Strengths: The graphic organizers are an excellent visual way to represent truancy. At an alternative education high school, there are many cases of truancy, and having a visual representation of how many (and who) is truant would be an excellent means for us to create a rewards-based program to decrease the trend.

Suggestions for Improvement: Overall, the program looked very easy to use, had simple navigation, and provided a great scope for specific data.

Verdict: I would most definitely recommend this product to our school principal. It's a free service that provides excellent visual data.

Steve, Teacher
Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: Tracking student attendance and how that relates to their performance thoughout the year

Strengths: The program allows teachers to access data regarding student performance that would otherwise be available to only admin. staff members. It also integrates with our current suite of student management programs, Powerschool

Suggestions for Improvement: This is a start-up program that will be developing over time, so I am anxious to see what else develops in this tool

Verdict: Our school experiences a great deal of attendance and tardy issues at this time. This program will gives us better insight into how to address these issues effectively.

Matt, Vice Principal
Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: I would use it everyday!

Strengths: Integrates with PowerSchool to pull the data seamlessly! Easy to use, well constructed. Lots of charts!

Suggestions for Improvement: Add in the ability to directly contact families for specific reasons- attendance, truancy, etc.

Verdict: This seems like the super easy way to get all the archived data that doesn't do anything, and to pull/examine new data.

Lisa, Director Of Instructional Innovation
Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: Student data

Strengths: It's free, it allows tracking of student data, and they're adding new features that will make it even more awesome

Suggestions for Improvement: Add an alumni data storage feature

Verdict: I'd recommend it to registrars and other data geeks in schools

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