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Renée, @missus_jay
Learning Specialist, Yellin Center for Mind, Brain and Education, New York

I have used this tool with several students. I often have children who come to me with early reading challenges. Specifically difficulty learning their sound-symbol correspondence, early decoding skills/word attack, sight word mastery and comprehension. Parents are often eager to provide support at home or in a child's downtime. However children who are struggling readers will already have a lot of "work" to do in their 1:1 reading and language services and in school interventions. Therefore I always advocate that the goal of at home learning is to provide fun, engaging and low stress ways to build early reading skills. Learn with Homer does just that.

Product Use: I have always had tool on my school iPads so that struggling readers can pick up in their silent reading time or during any free-time periods. I always have a handout drawn up that I give out to parents so they can get the app for their child at home for home-reading and skill building outside of school hours.

What Worked and What Didn't: Learn with Homer has helped build the phonological processing skills and early reading abilities in several of my students. The Homer Method infuses the best research on how children learn to read, with high quality, engaging art and storytelling to create a program that supports children in becoming successful readers. The program is designed to be a sequential, step-by-step learning process where the child progresses at his or her own personalized pace and each new skill builds upon those previously mastered. The program starts with the basics of sounds and letters before moving on to words, ideas and knowledge. The program includes original artwork from talented illustrators, songs, rhymes and game-based learning theories to truly make the reading experience enjoyable for a child. Each of the stories and activities are thoughtfully created or illustrated for the Read with Homer Program, making it an incredibly comprehensive and robust early reading application. Furthermore, through the dashboard, you can also keep track of the progress your child has made and see his or her growth over time.

The one downside is it is designed for pre-k students. I still often use it in the primary grade because so many students are still struggling with foundational literacy skills during these years. However, since it is designed for a younger audience some of my students have felt it feels "too young"; meanwhile other don't seem at all phased by this aspect. I would however love to see the Homer Method integrate content for older readers who are still struggling with reading since their program and philosophy is so beneficial in the classroom.

Age Group: Pre-K students, Middle school students, College students / adult learners, and Elementary school students

Jul 7, 2016 Provide Feedback
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