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Reading Specialist, PVSD, California
1:1 devices, Project-based classroom, Blended learning classroom, and Special education students

I needed a way to encourage and manage independent reading without compromising accountability and peer discussion.

Product Use: I used KudosReading in my 6th grade classroom as a way for students to log their independent reading, review and recommend books to others, and to plan books for future reading. I also used KudosReading as my main platform for managing book clubs and whole class novels. I was able to track reading goals, post discussion questions, and score answers. Students enjoyed using KudosReading during their book club meetings.

What Worked and What Didn't: KudosReading made it easy for me to manage independent reading and book clubs in my classroom. With 90+ students, I could not possibly manage all of the books my students were reading, yet I am a huge advocate for student-choice and I did not want to do whole-class novels only. KudosReading allowed me to access my students' virtual bookshelves and see reading progress, as well as reading responses. I really enjoyed that I could grade answers directly on the site. It is also incredibly helpful to have a question bank ready to go that can be used for any book, and aligns with the Common Core Standards! Lastly, the students loved being able to customize their avatar and play vocabulary games on the site, too. Overall, KudosReading is a great way to promote student discussion about books and motivation in reading.

Age Group: Middle school students and Elementary school students

Nov 30, 2016 Provide Feedback
Michelle, @Mrs_Hostetler
Teacher, San Miguel Elementary School, California
1:1 devices, High ELL population, and Low income population

There wasn't a problem, per se, however this was an enhancement and change from using paper to technology.

Product Use: I use Reading KudosReading in three ways. First, students use KudosReading to keep track of the books they've read as they read towards a 40 book challenge. Secondly, I use KudosReading to create book "clubs" or small groups that read the same novel to push out questions I want them to be thinking about/answering with each week's reading assignment. The last reason is the most important--to get students talking about and recommending books with each other in a safe social network.

What Worked and What Didn't: My biggest challenge has been more in-house to my district in changing from iPads to Chrome books. Once we had that worked out internally (again my district challenge, not the developer) everything has worked very well with KudosReading. The staff at KudosReading are very helpful in getting classrooms up and running.

Age Group: Elementary school students

Nov 29, 2016 Provide Feedback
Katie , @kmmurphy12
5/6 Educator for LA, Science, and Social Studies , SCCLC, California
1:1 devices, Project-based classroom, and Blended learning classroom

This past year, one of my main goals as an educator was to build a reading community that included collaboration, critical thinking, and resiliency. Many learners in my community presented deficits in their ability to select their independent books, discuss their thoughts about their reading, and write about their daily reading. I was looking for a digital resource that would support and motivate them to practice these skills.

Product Use: I chose to use KudosReading in many different ways to support reading growth in our reading community. As our class began to use this reading site, we started with book recommendations between the learners in our classroom. The learners were encouraged to participate in the online forum, where they browsed the the rich library of choices and picked titles to recommend to other learners. Along with the recommendation of the book title, the learners were expected to provide reasons on why the selection was made. Another benefit of this site is the ability for the teacher to create small book talk book groups when implementing literature circles for the class. The site has an extensive bank of questions that have been directly crafted from the Common Core Standards. As an educator, I appreciated having access to questions that had already been designed along with the ability to create my own question if I wanted to target a specific sub skill in reading for example with my RTI reading groups. One final component that really motivated reading in our class was the tool that allowed the learners to track their independent reading. This digital resource provides so many opportunities to support reading in many ways.

What Worked and What Didn't: KudosReading site was an absolute benefit to our reading community. As described in the post above, the site supported the individual, the small group, and whole class learning environment. The learners were definitely motivated by the rewards and game part of the site.

Age Group: Middle school students

Nov 23, 2016 Provide Feedback
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