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In Summit Reflections, educators review tools that they have seen at an EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit. Summit Reflections can only be completed onsite at the event; reviewers are incentivized to leave reviews.
Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.


Suggestions for Improvement:


Francisco, Director Of Blended Learning
Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: I would use this for a stand-alone math instruction tool.

Strengths: One of the first things that stands out to me with this program is its focus on gamification. They really have taken incentives, such as coins and this crazy video game style map, to really invite interest from the student. Another thing that is fantastic is their step-by-step assistance when the student reaches the application problems. Instead of a simple drop box that tells the student how to do the problem with broad strokes, KnowRe delves into more specific aspects and shows the student how to go about fixing the problem, keeping their weaknesses in mind. Finally, the data that the teacher can see is very simple and user-friendly; it's easy to break the class into different groups for individualized, differentiated instruction afterward.

Suggestions for Improvement: One thing I would look at are the video lessons. It seems that with math programs, it's almost a necessary evil to incorporate video lessons. KnowRe seems to acknowledge the short attention span of students with videos that are less than 2 minutes each, but it prompts students to look at a bunch of videos before they actually go into their application process. Because it's not required, students (according to the DCP teacher who uses KnowRe) skip over the videos and miss a key learning opportunity. KnowRe should work on 1. allowing teachers to embed text, images, etc to the videos (collaboration with Knowmia or Zaption, anyone?) so that the videos are more customizable and 2. offering the teacher the ability to require videos in order for the student to move on. It's true that our key is to move students towards student-directed learning, and I'm all for that. However, all students aren't ready for that autonomy right away, and giving educators tools to move students toward that would be helpful.

Verdict: I would recommend this to any math teacher who wants a stand-alone math product to engage their students and allows them to work with groups of students one-on-one in particular skills.

Cassandra, Professional Development Coordinator
Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: I don't, but it would be great for incoming 9th graders who need targeted math intervention

Strengths: This product allows students to practice their math skills in a gamified format. The gaming elements are pretty solid and the instructional elements look good too. This seems like an excellent way to do targeted math intervention for students entering high school. They can catch up in a fun and engaging way, and will be able to advance further in math throughout the year,

Suggestions for Improvement: The gamification elements are still pretty simple, especially for a paid service. I would strongly recommend an avatar system that awards students gear when they achieve things. It looks like it's just coins right now. The gear is an instant status symbol that students immediately engage with in games and in life.

Verdict: I would recommend this to Algebra support teachers, and I will also be recommending this to our Summer Bridge program that helps eighth graders who are struggling in math.

Heidi, Math Teacher
Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: Supplimental Curriculum, HW practice, data analysis and tracking

Strengths: I LOVE the data analysis and tracking features. I like that it automatically will give me a quick, easy, and meaninful look at how my students are doing, what their strengths are, and where they are struggling. It was easy to look at and understand at a glance, suign the color coding features. I also really liked their ability to create individualized review assignments for each child based on their recorded strengths and weaknesses. It is very easy and nice to have this done by the program and not spending a lot of time doing it myself. I also like the interactive and engaging interface as well as the scaffolded level of videos and problems.

Suggestions for Improvement: I would love to try it out a little bit more, but I understand it is a new product and sitll in the pilot program phase.

Verdict: All the reasons stated above -- great scaffolding and tracking of progress.

Matthew, Music Teacher
Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: I would recommend this to my school's math teachers, for sure.

Strengths: Knowre creates a virtual 1-on-1 math tutor/teacher that provides step-by-step instruction, feedback, and review. It's gamified, meaning that students are rewarded and challenged in the mode of a videogame. Knowre is visually interesting, engaging, and powerful.

Suggestions for Improvement: Knowre could ramp up and diversify the gamification approach (expand beyond coin-based and geography-based rewards) - I highly suggest "wearables" and avatars - students love to show off amped-up avatars. They could use text-to-voice support for ELLs and others with weak English-reading skills. Hyperlinks to definition of terms would be a good addition as well.

Verdict: Knowre is the best 1-to-1 interactive virtual math teacher I've ever seen and I'd recommend that my high school math team check it out.

Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: Warm-ups

Strengths: I really love the adaptive learning. I also like how the program can break a problem down into steps that require additional interaction.

Suggestions for Improvement: I would include a warm-up feature. That would be timed and adapted to a student's level. Great warm-up questions are accessible for students, meaning they aren't too hard, but something the student still needs to practice.

Verdict: I think kids would love it and it provides useful data to teachers.

Science Teacher
Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: Skills practice

Strengths: Provides an entire mapped unit of instruction in math. Hits all the required standards. Grads and keeps track of the students' progress.

Suggestions for Improvement: It needs to include more than just algebra and prealgebra. Would like to see more graphing.

Verdict: I wouldn't be able to use it as much in science, but could definitely see my math teaching colleagues using this. It could be used as a supplement or as a full fledged unit.

6th Grade
Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: haven't used it yet

Strengths: the videos are awesome.
i love the coins.
the step by step check-in within the videos is really nice too.
i like the assessment piece, and that you can make assignments. i'm curious to see what the teacher dashboard will end up looking like.

Suggestions for Improvement:

Verdict: it has a really clean, sleek design. and it's mathematically correct!

Jadelyn, Teacher K
Nov 2, 2013

— Rating unavailable for this review.

Usage: not yet!

Strengths: This is very appealing for students who love to game. It's cool that there are video components to each teaching section. I love that the lessons are already up and students can go from place to place at their own pace.

Suggestions for Improvement: Please develop for elementary!

Verdict: I would love for my son's teacher to use this!

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