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Data management tool to help teachers track students' academic/ behavioral performance


Kickboard is a tool for teachers andadministrators to collect, analyze and share data regarding their students’ academic andbehavioral performance. This profile includes grades, standards mastery, reading growth, prescribed interventions, rubric observations, attendance, and student behavior and character strengths

By pooling such information in one place, teachers are able to provideimmediate and consistent feedback to students, and enforce consistent reward and consequencesystems. In this way Kickboard helps increase the alignment of students’ academic and behavioralperformance and so influences school and classroom culture. It also allows principals to provide targeted professional development to improve teacher effectiveness,and parents to become highly engaged in their child’s education through meaningful progress reports. 

Unlike traditional gradebooks,Kickboard tracks the various components of a school's Student Information System so teachers need onlyenter one portal to get all their students’ information, grades and behavioralreports. Kickboard can be integrated with a school’s existing SIS (e.g.Powerschool, Edusoft etc), and deployed in a single classroom or across anentire district.

The company contends that it was designed for use across a school community to improve academic and behavioral outcomes in general education, Response to Intervention (RTI) and special education programs. That way, teachers can then share trends particularly around student behavior with one another. But the software can be used by individual teachers to manage their own classroom.

Among the program’s highlights:one-click access to information systems, increasingly aligned system of rewardand consequence, availability of data, immediate tech support. Gradecam is now integrated in Kickboard for ease of use by teachers to capture assessment data, and Common Core and state 4-core academic standards provided by EdGate are imbedded for each customer.

Kickboard was a 2014 Codie Award Finalist for best classroom management solution.


Case Studies1
Marlena, @bentleyacademy
Head of School , Bentley Academy Charter School , Massachusetts

At Bentley Elementary, academic achievement was a persistent problem. In Massachusetts, schools are classified into one of five accountability and assistance levels, with the highest performing in Level 1 and the lowest in Level 5. In 2011, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education classified Bentley Elementary as a Level 4 school for its low test scores and academic achievement. In 2012, Bentley was again classified at Level 4, ranking in the bottom 4 percent of elementary schools in the state. In 2013, one year into its state-mandated turnaround, the school dropped to the bottom 3 percent.

In 2014-15, Bentley Elementary set a goal to move out of Level 4. In 2015-16, the school reorganized into the Bentley Academy Charter School and began serving students in grades K–5.

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Summit Reflections 20
Director Of Talent full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
School Type: Middle School, Low Income Population, College Prep School

There isn't a native iOS/mobile app (though one is apparently in development). As a teacher, I found it challenging to enter demerits and merits via Kickboard's mobile website while teaching. The gradecam tool ...

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Can be purchased by School Leader or District Administrator.


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