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Alfonso, @educatoral
6th grade Science Teacher, Chimacum Middle School, Washington
1:1 devices, Blended learning classroom, and Low income population

We were looking for ways to streamline our PLC work. We have been using a lesson study model where each PLC team investigated a student problem then designed a lesson to address the problem. By observing the lesson, PLC members took notes on how well the lesson was helping the students. After the lesson, the PLC team met to go over the lesson and decide on any changes that could better address the problem. To conduct a lesson study required time outside the classroom, which means getting subs. There was little to no money for subs and subs were difficult to come by so we tried recording lessons that we could share with our PLC members on a day after the lesson was taught. By recording the lesson the PLC teams could meet after school to observe the lesson and discuss how well it helped students. The IRIS connect Discovery Kit made recording the lesson so much easier. All we had to do was start the recording and the Swivl base and the device did the recording for us! The Swivl base follows the microphone to capture what the teacher wanted the PLC to see. Then using the IRIS Connect platform the teacher shares the video with his or her PLC team! Voila! PLC members can watch the video then meet to discuss.

Product Use: I have recorded lessons in my classroom for my own personal reflection. The Discovery Kit includes an iPad Mini to record lessons and a Swivl base with a microphone. I have used the kit to capture my teaching by wearing the microphone. That way the Swivl base followed me and recorded my actions. I have also left the microphone at student tables. That way I was able to work with another team then at the end of the day or during my planning I could watch to see how the group I wasn't working with did on their own! That has been very helpful!

The other way I have used the IRIS Connect Discovery Kit was for my PLC work. When I was chosen to teach a lesson I would be able to record it with the iPad Mini and Swivl base. After the lesson, I would share the recording with my PLC team. Using the IRIS Connect platform I was able to leave comments on the exact time in the video where I wanted my PLC team to start watching. By the time we met face-to-face we were either ready to discuss the lesson and make any changes to improve the student learning or we were able to watch the lesson together and discuss as we went along.

What Worked and What Didn't: The Discovery Kit has worked well for us and the IRIS Connect tech support has been very helpful whenever someone got stuck. The IRIS Connect platform has also worked for us quite well. We are able to share our recordings with anyone in our school or no one! That way we can use the Discovery Kit for our own personal reflection as well as for PLC work. We were even able to share video with our principal for evaluation purposes, which helped him so he didn't have to visit our classrooms as much.

Age Group: Middle school students

Aug 12, 2016 Provide Feedback
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