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iOS app that teaches the basics of neuroscience


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Try then buy - The companion app to iNeuron is the Andamio Dashboard. It is a monitoring app for teachers which unlocks all content for every student device in their classroom. In addition to monitoring class and individual progress through the game, the Dashboard enables teachers to tailor content for their class, alerts them to students’ difficulties with content as they play, lets students ask for help when they need it, and produces detailed performance reports for assessment. How this all works in the classroom: 1) Teacher tries iNeuron, loves it, can't wait to try it out on her students. 1) iNeuron gets installed for free ( on all student devices. This provides complete access to the first two themes. To unlock the rest of the content... 2) Teacher installs the Andamio Dashboard App ($29.99) on the her device ( 3) Student games will automatically connect with the Dashboard when they share the same wireless router (no internet connection required). 4) Once connected, all content and challenges will be unlocked, and the teacher can monitor class and individual progress through the game. Below is a summary of the challenges and concepts included in the first two free themes of iNeuron. Brain Basics 1. Lesson: Welcome to Your Brain • Choose your role; brain basics 2. Circuit Challenge: Connect the Neurons • Circuit building game basics 3. Circuit Challenge: Break the Circuit • More circuit building game basics Neurons & Circuits 1. Lesson: Neurons & Nerves • Nervous System Basics • Neurons and Cells • Types of Neurons (motor, inter-, sensory) • Anatomy of a Neuron (dendrites, axon, axon terminal, cell body) • Neuronal Circuit Basics (including information flow) 2. Circuit Challenge: Flex Biceps • Build a motor circuit to make the biceps muscle contract. 3. Circuit Challenge: Feel the Sensation • Build a sensory circuit to send touch information to the brain. 4. Circuit Challenge: Free Play
Can be purchased by Teacher or School Leader. - We sell in-app upgrades and/or content (one-time)


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