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Adaptive assessment and instruction for math and reading in grades K-8


Curriculum Associates’ cloud-based system for foundational math and reading delivers both adaptive diagnostic assessment as well as instruction. The i-Ready system is aligned with Common Core standards and includes a Common Core “readiness screener” designed to determine just how much of the new standards students will need to master.

The diagnostic component identifies a student’s performance level in a given subject as well as the skills necessary to move forward. The program then assigns students to online instruction that take place in the form of animated video instructions. (Samples here.)  I-Ready also provides teachers with a detailed report and action plan based on students' performance, along with recommended lesson plan PDFs from the company’s print materials.

As of 2013, roughly a quarter of a million students are using the program. According to Product Director, Nadia Pierce, the length of use in classrooms vary, but she recommends classrooms use the program at least one hour per subject per week.

The company has conducted several case studies for schools, with third- party data analysis provided by the Educational Research Institute of America. Education pundit Tom Vander Ark of GettingSmart has praised the program for being more teacher-friendly than similar assessment products, citing its ease of use, deeper student data information, and clear link to useful content.

The company charges $6 per student for a one-year subscription to its diagnostic program for either math or reading; $27 per student for a diagnostic-and-instruction package. Pricing details here.


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