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Digital grading tool that helps teachers assess and effectively utilize student data


Gradeable is an online tool helping teachers to grade and give feedback efficiently. Using the product, teachers can grade any online- or paper-based assignment, email the results to students and review the resulting data to improve their teaching. Gradeable can be used for free, with additional features available for purchase.


Teaches log in to Gradeable and can create a variety of quiz types, including multiple choice, open response, etc. They can also tag questions with standards and assign point values to individual questions. Once a quiz has been created, it can be emailed to a class or classes through Gradeable.

Gradeable helps teachers to grade both assignments taken online or those completed on paper. Assignments answered online are automatically brought in to the Gradeable system; teachers can scan paper assignments for the same result. According to the company’s website, “Anything you can scan or upload is [compatible with Gradeable].”

While grading, teachers have the option to review the same question for all assignments at once. Teachers can award points for questions and also assign feedback from a customizable feedback bank. Once grading is finished, teachers can again email all students their grades and feedback. Gradeable also incorporates custom rubrics, which can be used to grade assignments in the same way.

Gradeable presents a number of data dashboard options. An end-of-grading dashboard shows the teacher how their grades look across the class, and which types of feedback were most commonly assigned. Teachers can see individual student or whole class achievement by question or by assignment.


Gradeable is a browser-based tool. Teachers will also need a scanner to import paper assignments into Gradeable.


  • The free basic version of Gradeable allows teachers to give feedback on paper and online assignments. 
  • Additional features, including sharing the report with parents and administrators, are available in the Premium plan for $6 per student per month. 
  • A version of Learning Teams plan, which allows teachers to share assessments with other educators/schools and provides a dashboard for schools and districts, is also available for $15/student/month. 
  • More information is available on the company’s pricing page.


As of June 2015, Gradeable was used by more than 25,000 students in hundreds of schools around the country.


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Product Overview
Product Overview



Gradeable for Instructional Teams - This plan includes Gradeable access and tools for 3-5 teachers and an instructional coach.
Can be purchased by Teacher, School Leader, or District Administrator.


Professional - The professional version allows teachers to grade unlimited paper and digital assignments and share results with students.
Can be purchased by Teacher, School Leader, or District Administrator.


Free - Teachers can grade up to 100 paper and unlimited digital quizzes and share the results with parents.
Can be purchased by Teacher.


This product is accessible via a web browser.



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