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Classroom feedback tool that helps teachers determine student comprehension during a lesson


Geddit is a free app, designed for the 1:1 classroom, that allows students to privately report their understanding of concepts while a lesson is being taught. Justin Mann, co-founder of Geddit with Anton Troynikov and Will Madden, is a former middle school teacher who began using early versions of the product in his classroom. Teachers have long-used formative assessments in classrooms to gauge student comprehension, but, says Mann, too many quizzes can undermine student confidence, and, "sometimes [students] don't have an accurate understanding of their own learning." With Geddit, the founders aim to create a self-evaluation tool that gives teachers the data and feedback they need to ascertain lesson effectiveness while supporting student privacy and classroom differentiation.

To use Geddit, students first create a Geddit account, then add the class code given to them by their teacher.  During a lesson, students can complete a check-in by selecting one of five signal bars that correspond to levels of comprehension (the lowest bar means, "I don't understand" and the highest means, "Easy, I could teach my friend!"). Teachers can also ask short-answer and multiple choice questions to measure actual understanding against a student's self-evaluation. The information collected during lessons is stored, and teachers can use this data when preparing future lessons, when meeting with parents, and to aid students in metacognition.


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