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Professional Learning Coach, St Vrain Valley Schoo District, Colorado
1:1 devices, College prep classroom, Project-based classroom, Blended learning classroom, High ELL population, and Low income population

To be honest, there was not necessarily a problem per se that we were trying to solve when implementing Edthena into our coaching practice. What we were aspiring to achieve was a meaningful and "organic" system for accelerating teacher practice that would complement our district coaching process. As research indicates, video analysis of one's own teaching practices is one such tool that can accomplish this acceleration in teacher behavior. Further, guided/coached video analysis is a meaningful way to scaffold teachers' reflective practices as they view their video. Hence, our impetus for implementing Edthena was that of supporting teacher reflection through video coaching.

Product Use: Initially we launched Edthena with our brand new teachers. Each teacher with zero years' teaching experience is paired with a district Professional Learning Coach who supports them throughout the year in various capacities. One such system of support offered by our coaches is that of observing instruction and guiding the teacher through a reflection on their instruction. While this is a highly effective means of supporting teacher growth and affecting behavior and decision-making, the use of video further accelerates this process as teachers are able to "relive" their lesson by watching the video. Edthena broke through barriers of time, scheduling and the feeling of being "rushed" during a reflecting conversation. Moreover, Edthena allowed for both the teacher and the coach to focus on one aspect of instruction, watch the video, comment on this element and set goals. The asynchronous nature of the platform allows for not only flexibility, but also the ability to focus solely on the video without feeling rushed. Our district now uses Edthena to support staff development in schools where administrators focus on specific elements of instruction and colleagues can view and comment on one another's practice to enhance learning.

What Worked and What Didn't: This product has had a tremendous impact on shaping teacher behavior and inevitably affecting student achievement. Teachers who use Edthena are gifted with the opportunity to refine their craft by focusing on elements of their instruction, soliciting feedback from coaches or colleagues on that instruction and then making adjustments based on feedback. This tool is navigable, user-friendly and an efficient means of accelerating teacher growth in our district.

Age Group: College students / adult learners and Elementary school students

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