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Fine arts teacher/ high school, Texas
High ELL population and Low income population

I have an issue with not being trained on this product but just being told to click and tell students what they missed so they can retake and pass

Product Use: We use this product to aid students who didn't pass a class to re-take the class here

What Worked and What Didn't: I have an ethical issue with telling a student (3 times) exactly what questions he/she missed and allowing them to retake without listening to the lesson itself. I think the student should HAVE to submit the answers and THEN the teacher can check. The teacher should NOT have access to see their answers until submitted. It forces the student to actually go back and listen to the lesson as opposed to just guessing in order to take the class quickly and move on out. They are learning nothing!!!

Age Group: High school students

Sep 9, 2016 Provide Feedback
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