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DreamBox Learning

by DreamBox Learning Inc.

GRADES / Pre-K, Elementary (Grades K-4), Middle School (Grades 5-8)
PLATFORMS / Web Browser, Flash, iPad

K-8 math games product that adapts to the learner's level of knowledge


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DreamBox Learning teaches K-8 mathematics standards in an adaptive game format. Students play math games while the analytics system sources data points to adjust instruction instantly and provide reports for teachers, parents and administrators. Individual product licenses for schools and homes cost less than $20 per student.


DreamBox Learning delivers instruction via a web browser or free iPad app. Students with a school account can use DreamBox at home without the need to purchase an additional account or license. Accounts and individual progress sync across devices; students use the same account whether using a desktop, laptop or iPad at school or at home.

DreamBox Learning curriculum is aligned to national and regional mathematics standards in the USA and Canada. The curriculum aligns to Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) as well as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and Virginia Public Schools Standards of Learning (SOL). In Canada, the curriculum is aligned to the Western and Northern Canadian Protocol Common Curriculum Framework for Mathematics. It’s also aligned to the Ontario Curriculum used in the province of Ontario and surrounding areas.

DreamBox Learning for Students

When students log in to DreamBox, they choose a theme, character and storyline and immediately begin playing games. The program does not use a diagnostic, rather the system uses on-the-spot data to create a personalized learning plan that monitors each student’s strengths and weaknesses, pace and problem-solving strategies. Based on a student’s performance, the time allotment and scaffolding adjusts during the lesson. If a student repeatedly selects the wrong answer, they are prompted with hints to complete the task.

In addition to standards-aligned games, students can complete a variety of other activities both on and offline. As students complete game-based lessons, they receive tokens, which they can use to unlock additional games on the platform. Students can also print achievements and take-home worksheets with their favorite game characters.

In 2014, DreamBox began offering math games in Spanish.

DreamBox Learning for Teachers

Teachers have access to detailed student metrics such as time spent on the platform, competency in specific standards and progress towards module completion. In addition, the platform sends alerts to teachers when specific students perform poorly on a lesson or experience difficulty with a concept. The platform also suggests student groups based on proficiency level for differentiated instruction.

DreamBox Learning for Administrators

DreamBox Learning provides metrics for school and district administrators including school-specific summaries, concept mastery reports and trends in platform usage over time. The dashboard allows for class and grade comparisons to determine gaps in instruction or mastery for specific schools, grades, classes or students. DreamBox also allows schools to track where and how often licenses are being used to optimize their budget and facility usage.


Home license:

  • One student: $12.95 monthly; $59.95 bi-annually
  • Up to four students: $19.95 monthly; $99.95 bi-annually

School license:

  • $20 per student, per year
  • $7,000 per school, per year (unlimited licenses)


The What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) of the Institute of Education Sciences, US Department of Education evaluated an independent DreamBox Learning study by SRI International and concluded the program has a “potentially positive effect” on mathematics education. Specifically, the study compared two elementary student groups in which one group received DreamBox Learning instruction. The group receiving DreamBox Learning instruction had a higher overall math score on a mathematics skills test, though the extent of evidence was considered to be small.

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Case Studies2
Jill, @lifeofjill
Math K-12 Learning and Instruction Specialist, Eagle County Schools, Colorado

Teachers were struggling with understanding how to intervene and fill gaps in mathematical understanding. We were using a test to determine grade level equivalence as a benchmarking tool but then doing nothing as an intervention. There was an expectation that students would grow just from being in class and being a part of the universal instruction. Teachers needed to see what conceptually based instruction looks like while also being provided an opportunity to do some small group instruction (we have teachers trained in Add+Vantage Math Recovery). The goal is for Dreambox to be used as a "supplemental intervention". We want teachers to design instruction that meets students' needs based on the Add+Vantage Math Recovery diagnostic assessments and then use Dreambox as an additional support (not the only support).
Dreambox is conceptually based instruction that provides students numerous visuals/models for thinking about operations. It follows the Concrete-Representational-Abstract method of presenting new content. Combine this with no timer, wrong answers accepted as part of the learning process, and fun and math suddenly doesn't have such a bad connotation!

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