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GRADES / High School (Grades 9-12), Middle School (Grades 5-8)
PLATFORMS / Web Browser, iPad App, Android Tablet App

Digital game for high school chemistry


Collisions is a tablet-based chemistry game where students play with the building blocks of chemistry. The goal is to learn more about how electrons, atoms, molecules etc. affect each other in real world chemistry. Collisions costs between $149/year and $1,150/year, depending on the number of classrooms using the tool.


Students use Collisions to play through several chemistry subject areas. Each area has a separate game, but the games have interconnected levels. In one, students arrange atoms to form molecules. The program gives students a limited number of atoms to work with, and they must use them to form a certain molecule. In the game, atoms interact with each other as they would in real life: In one example in a demo video, a Nitrogen atom will not bind with an Oxygen atom, if only three electrons are shared.

The game provides students with small bits of feedback to help them improve and check their work. For example, the atom-combining game will count the numbers of electrons in a shell to demonstrate to the student whether she has combined them correctly.


Pricing for Collisions depends on the number of licenses:

  • Single classroom: $149/year, up to 35 students
  • Multi-classroom: $395, up to three classrooms; $750 up to six
  • School: $1,150 for use for multiple classrooms in a building
  • District: Custom pricing


According to the company, over 11,000 students are using Collisions in 400+ US classrooms. 


Case Studies1
Secondary science instructor, Missouri

We were assessing new ways to model chemical interactions and bonding properties.

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Dept Chair full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
School Type: High School

1) The graphics could improve slightly, but not by much!!! (2) Multiple users could increase (3) Make this more challenging by increasing the ...

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Educational institution subscription plans - PlayMada Games offers several annual subscription options that provide educators and students access to Collisions. All subscriptions include: - Individual teacher and student account access to tablet and web versions for one year - Robust chemistry content organized into six interconnected games: Atoms, Ions, Ionic Bonding, Covalent Bonding, Acids & Bases, and Intermolecular Forces - Leveled challenges and an exploratory sandbox for each game - Access to all new games and features released during the duration of the subscription - Supplemental lesson plans, game guides, and student materials to facilitate a seamless integration into existing curriculum plans - Teacher dashboard for performance reports - Professional development webinars Single classroom - $149/yr For use by a single teacher and 1 class of up to 35 students. Multi-classroom (small)-$395/yr For use by a single teacher with two to three classes of up to 35 students each. Multi-classroom (large)-$750/yr For use by a single teacher with four to six classes of up to 35 students each. School - $1,150/yr For use by multiple teachers with classes of up to 35 students each within a single school site. Multi-School / District - Custom quote provided upon request For use by multiple teachers with classes of up to 35 students in multiple schools within a single school district.
Can be purchased by Teacher, School Leader, or District Administrator.


Free version - The free version allows access to the Atoms Sandbox and Challenges.
Can be purchased by Teacher, School Leader, District Administrator, Student, or Parent. - We sell in-app upgrades and/or content (one-time)


This product is accessible via a web browser.
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