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College English Instructor, California
Bring your own devices (BYOD), High ELL population, and Low income population

Engaging students at advanced undergraduate (college) level who have various difficulties mastering basic English language proficiency (many English Language Learners--with English being a second or even third language for them; others with learning challenges of various sorts). Most of them have been told they can't read or write English effectively, and they have come to believe this. Part of my task as an instructor is to build their confidence, while finding new ways to help them grasp and then master ELA concepts and skills. I needed a new way to get them actively involved, beyond traditional classroom lectures and activities.

Product Use: Through the videos and well-designed activities, I was able to get much more active participation and to get students more excited about the content (any new media that gets students where they live, so to speak, these days seems to help). We also made the activities collaborative, and even watched parts of videos together in class, then looking at the text and discussing, to make things more interactive and engaging. On a more basic level, the text (College Composition) itself is well-designed to combine visual and textual elements effectively: my students found it accessible and really appreciated its straightforward yet detailed approach to the concepts.

What Worked and What Didn't: The videos combined with other instructional approaches, class discussions, and activities (some from the text; some that I implemented of my own accord) worked really well. Student engagement for this cohort has never been higher than when I recently (Spring 2017 semester) tried this text and its interactive elements. Some activities worked better than others, but everything, in general, was effective.

Age Group: College students / adult learners

Sep 9, 2017 Provide Feedback
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